Posted by: hlavine | September 7, 2010

A Detective Sitting In Your Laptop

Laptop ? $599.00

Software and Music for the laptop? $500.00

A Digital Private Investigator for your laptop? PRICELESS

Your information, your work and your life sits inside of your laptop, why not add a Private Investigator to the mix and ensure that if your laptop is ever stolen you can get it back.

Think about what you have on your laptop…

–        Contact information of friends and family

–        Your banks account numbers

–        Your social security number and date of birth

–        Your credit card numbers

–        Important business information

–        Confidential documents

–        Years worth of family photos

–        Hundreds of dollars worth of iTunes

–        Hundreds of dollars worth of bought software

That’s an expensive and time consuming amount of stuff on your laptop.  Don’t lose it forever because your laptop was stolen.  Less than 2-3% of stolen laptops are ever recovered, don’t be part of that startling statistic.

Add a Digital  Private Investigator to your laptop and you have just made it priceless!  Your personal investigator gets a location on your laptop after is has been stolen, takes pictures of the thief using webcam, encrypts and backups your files, sees what information on your laptop has been compromised and locks down your computer from further use.

Your Digital Private Investigator works around the clock when your laptop has been reported as missing.

Get your own Digital Private Investigator with a Snuko’s Anti-Theft program; he will be your best friend in your time of distress.