Posted by: hlavine | September 14, 2010

Is Your Company’s Data Safe?

Every year, month and day, a laptop is stolen.  Sometimes the laptop is a personal laptop used for nothing more than gaming, other times it is a company’s laptop and the personal information on it is daunting.

Take a look at some recent laptop thefts and the data that was freely given to the thief’s.

  • A stolen laptop in Chicago contained the names and Social Security numbers of over 10,000 Tennesseans.
  • Nearly 200,000 Hewlett-Packard (HP) employees were at risk of identity theft after a laptop containing their data was stolen from a Fidelity Investments office.
  • In Dec. 2005, Ford Motor Company lost a laptop containing information on 70,000 of its workers.
  • January 2006 saw the disappearance of a laptop containing data on 215,000 Ameriprise customers and advisors from a car.
  • The Providence Health Care hospital system revealed in Feb. 2006 that a laptop containing data on thousands of its patients had been stolen in Dec. 2005.
  • Also in February, an auditor from financial services firm Deloitte & Touche left a laptop containing data on employees of the McAfee software security company in an airplane seat pocket.
    • Two laptops containing data on all Verizon employees wandered off from one of the company’s office buildings.

People who trusted a company with their personal information are now at risk for identity theft.  Most laptop thefts happen because of lack of security.  Employees don’t feel the need to lock up their laptops or aren’t provided with a place to do so.

Companies need to safeguard their clients data and today there are easy ways to do that.

Anti-Theft programs for laptops are quickly becoming a company’s new security system.

  • ·         Get a location on your laptop to within thirty to forty feet
  • ·         See who is using your laptop through the webcam
  • ·         Encrypt your files even after it’s reported missing
  • ·         Backup your files even after it’s reported missing
  • ·         Lock down the computer once your important information has been backed up, rendering it useless.

The Anti-Theft programs are a tool to be used for personal and business use across the Globe.  Stop the thieves and put them where they belong: behind bars.