Posted by: hlavine | September 14, 2010

Your Clients Deserve Security

Most companies who give employees laptops are more concerned with providing equipment usage information than they are with safety information. Typically, they give the employee a few software manuals, computer disks and the phone number to the IT manger.

The employee is seldom given information about theft prevention or provided a lock to secure it while in the office or on the road.  In addition, by now carrying an expensive laptop, the employer increases a traveling employee’s potential to falling victim to a crime.  Employees need to be taught how to best safe guard the laptop and along with it, the often confidential information contained inside.

Specifically, employees need to be made aware of the most likely locations and methods criminals use to steal laptops.  Proactive safety training can save a company thousands of dollars and even help avert potential lawsuits from victimized employees or from clients who’s data may have been compromised.

Here are a few other tips:

  • Create an atmosphere where employees are regularly briefed about topics such as new scams involving laptop theft. This can be accomplished by conducting crime prevention seminars and using information mediums such as newsletters and interoffice E-mail systems.
  • Establish a policy making the employee responsible for the loss of the laptop if they do not follow company policy for safeguarding it on the premises or if they lose it outside of the building. Communicate this policy in writing and get a signed statement of acknowledgment.
  • Provide employees with adequate secure storage areas for their laptops, such as locked security closets, cabinets and lock down devices at desks and work stations.
  • Create a procedure where the company’s security department or managers can remove unattended laptops for “safekeeping” leaving a tag or sticker in its place. The sticker will let the employee know the laptop was removed for safekeeping and can be picked up at the security office or other designated area. This will immediately prevent the theft of the laptop and will make the employee more aware that the laptop could have been stolen. This procedure provides a means of tracking employees by placing a notice in their personnel folder.
  • Keep an inventory of all company owned laptops and computers. Know to whom and where they are assigned. Maintain a record of serial numbers, including those on the hard drive.

The most important thing a company can do to protect an employee’s laptop computer and the companies information is safe guard all laptops with anti-theft programs.  The programs track a computer after it has been stolen, making recovery a easier task.  It also backs up data and renders the computer useless to the thief, all after the laptop has already been stolen.

Don’t compromise your companies information because of employees lack of security, secure your companies laptops the safe way.