Posted by: hlavine | September 21, 2010

Identity Theft Facts and Your Laptop

Identity theft is the fraudulent act of pretending to be someone else, with the intent of personal gain. Although, it is not possible to literally steal someone’s identity; it is definitely possible to use it for unethical reasons. Identity theft can lead to illegal disclosure of confidential or business critical information, thereby proving detrimental to information security. Following is a list of identity theft facts.

Identity theft involves stealing valuable personal information of other individuals. It can result in the opening of fictitious accounts in one’s name. The criminal can carry out bank transactions using your name and hamper your finances.

Financial identity theft is found to be more prevalent in the United States. According to a survey conducted in 2003, about 10 million people in the country were found to be victims of identity theft. According to a California-based research, victims of identity theft spend about 175 hours and about $800 for fixing their credit problems arising out of theft of their identity. Human effort and money are definitely not worth this wastage.

One of the ways a thief can get your personal information needed to take over your life is by stealing your laptop.  Your laptop contains a wealth of information like your name, address, social security number, bank information and credit card information.

Protecting yourself against identity theft begins with you protecting your laptop.  Anti-theft software will protect your laptop in the event that it is stolen.  It will secure your information, provide a back up of your data and pin point the location of the thief, helping law enforcement catch the person responsible.