Posted by: hlavine | November 12, 2010

21st Century Educators Need 21st Century Protection

Anti-theft software giant Snuko, P.L.C. recently contracted with public schools in northern Europe to provide its product to the growing number of academic laptop users. With educational software sales surging, many school administrators worldwide have implemented laptop programs within the classrooms to enhance the learning environment for both teachers and students. School districts are encouraged by the strong correlation between laptop learning and academic success.  Snuko’s anti-theft software should be considered by all school districts for several reasons.  Namely, it will help cut costs associated with laptop theft and loss.  Most importantly, children can learn an important lesson about loss prevention and valuing what has been entrusted in their care.

On the minds of any school administrator implementing a laptop program is cost.  With in-school laptops costing hundreds of dollars per piece, school districts and taxpayers are expending millions of dollars.  The last thing they want to see happen is for the technology to be regularly replaced because of theft or loss.  By implementing Snuko’s BlackBox technology, a laptop reported missing will immediately be remotely disabled, thus rendering it useless.  In the event an unauthorized user has taken possession, the software will trigger the built-in digital camera to flash a snapshot of the thief.  GPS technology aids law enforcement in swift recovery of the laptop.  In summation, Snuko’s products can save school districts the time and resources associated with replacing a stolen laptop, thus ultimately saving taxpayer dollars.

Furthermore, a great lesson is to be learned by teaching students to always protect what is rightfully theirs. Snuko’s logo: “Protecting Your Stuff” gives great reverence to the virtue that when entrusted with valuable items, it is always prudent to take precautions.  What a great message to teach the classroom as it receives its new laptops.  Instilling this value in students could ultimately lead to lower theft rates and higher vigilance in technology security.

To conclude, Snuko is wise to partner with public school systems to implement higher technology protection.  As such, the public schools have taken a great step towards lowering the overall cost of in-school laptop programs by reducing the replacement rates and simultaneously encouraging other school districts to invest in the technology in order to further academic achievement.  Of course the greatest effect comes when young children learn that a laptop in school is a great privilege and they should take every precaution to protect it.  Snuko’s partnership with the public schools of northern Europe comes as a great benefit to all those involved and it anticipates more such partnerships in the future.


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