Posted by: snukoantitheft | November 19, 2010

Hollywood Victims of Laptop Theft on the Rise

We have all undoubtedly heard stories of unsuspecting celebrities over-exposed after the theft of their personal effects. Until now, stolen private video tapes have been the most common modus operandi of those wishing to divulge celebrity proclivities.  Today’s celebutantes have an even greater dilemma than a stolen video: laptop theft. With many laptop users storing irreplaceable data on their hard drives, the threat of losing their computers invokes great angst and distress. This article explores how this threat is especially jeopardizing for famous celebrities and how the installation of Snuko’s BlackBox technology is the perfect solution to this ominous crime.


Musicians often use their laptops to enter song ideas, melodies and lyrics. For many, creative impulses come on a whim and are fleeting. For this reason, a laptop (or smartphone) provides a handy tool whereby musicians can quickly journal their ideas and save them for later development. However, this convenience can often come at a cost. New Zealand artist Shane Haami and his band, the victims of laptop theft, unfortunately lost eight years’ worth of lyrics and musical ideas after a burglar stole his computer.  New York City-based hip-hop artist Ryan Leslie also realized the artistic consequences of laptop theft. He recently upped his reward to $1 million dollars for the safe return of his laptop, which contained Leslie’s “amazing music [and] visual projects.”


Hollywood actors and actresses are unfortunately the victims of ceaseless invasions of privacy. As paparazzi and media swarms seem to grow every year, Hollywood has few places to turn to ensure complete seclusion.  Sadly, personal information stored on computers is quickly becoming as vulnerable as the celebrity herself. Laptop theft is on the rise, and celebrities are certainly no exception. High-profile actress Keira Knightely was recently burglarized and two laptops, containing personal pictures and data, were swiftly stolen. Fearful to return to the property, Knightely is concerned burglars will be eager to sell personal information over the internet to the scours of people wishing to get a closer glimpse of the celebrity’s personal life. Other celebrities from Paris Hilton and Selma Hayak to athletes and politicians have experienced a similar fate. The threat of having one’s intimate data broadcast to the public is one of the most violative and susceptible feelings a celebrity can face.


Luckily, Snuko, P.L.C., a leading laptop anti-theft software company based in London, U.K., has developed a foolproof system to ensure that no public figure will feel threatened by laptop theft. Snuko’s BlackBox design immediately blocks out the hard drive at the first instance of notification of a theft or loss. Thus, anyone in possession of the laptop or netbook will be unable to access a single file from the hard drive. Other features, including the GPS navigational system and the ability to access the digital camera feature remotely would safeguard celebrities from the threat of personal information being divulged to the media.


Living life in the public eye has its perks, but it also has its disadvantages. None could be greater than the relentless invasion of privacy suffered by celebrities as they are having their pictures constantly taken while being hounded with never-ending questions about family and personal life. Thankfully, Snuko’s ability to eradicate the devastating effects of laptop theft should alleviate the stress felt by anyone in the limelight. Knowing that Snuko is “protecting your stuff” on a continual basis would be a relief to anyone concerned about her personal life ending up on the cover of the this week’s tabloids.