Posted by: snukoantitheft | November 25, 2010

Simple Tactics to Trace Your Lost Laptop

Although the installation of an anti theft software is a sure way to retrieve your lost laptop, there are many other different ways too. With the rise in laptop theft, it is necessary that one takes all these precautionary measures.
There are thousands of laptops that get stolen each year. While most of them are never recovered, only a mere three per cent get traced back to the rightful owner. Vigilance is a must when you are roaming around in a public place with your laptop. However, a single moment of lapsed attention is enough to lose it. Therefore, it is extremely important that you make all the arrangements for tracing your laptop the minute it gets stolen.

One sure shot way of retrieving your lost device is by installing an anti theft software. Apart from that, it is advisable to label your laptop openly. You can include your name, email address and phone number in the label. You may also add something like “return for reward”. Do not include your street address in your contact information, in case your device falls in the hands of a criminal. But you may insert the information in your screen saver. If you are lucky, you may get your laptop back without any hassle.

Make a separate record of all the information on the laptop that confirms your ownership. This may include the unique serial number of your device, the brand and model number and other information of the like. You may even consider recording the content of all the important files that have been created by you and cannot be easily found, in case a thief is trying to erase and destroy all traces of previous ownership.

Report the loss to the police and provide them with all the identifying information of your laptop. If they recover your laptop, they will be able to identify it as yours with the help of the serial number and other information. The information obtained from the anti theft software embedded in your device will also help them recover it. Also report the loss to the manufacturer of the laptop. Give them the serial number of your device. If, someone calls the technical support and supplies the same serial number as yours, the representative should make a note of the caller’s telephone number and all the other information that will help trace the location of your laptop.

The most effective solution is to embed a certain tracking software. Most of these software solutions come equipped with a program that can make the device go into lock down status the minute it is reported as lost. Since this state of the machine will make the thief incapable of accessing it, your data will remain safe and untouched. They are also programmed to update their location, status and other recovery data on the server. All this information can help in tracking down your lost laptop. There are many such software options available. Snuko is one such software that can help trace your laptop with its many detective-like features.

If you have not preinstalled any software, you may check sites like eBay and Craigslist for your lost laptop. You may even check the local pawn shops and the used laptop dealers in your area. Usually, stolen laptops are quickly sold. Chances are you may find yours, too.