Posted by: snukoantitheft | November 26, 2010

How Laptop Theft Can Impact National Security as Hundreds of Military Computers are Stolen

With laptop theft becoming one of the foremost causes of identity theft and security breach, breaking news this week revealed that even the United States Navy is vulnerable to such attacks.  Theft of military laptops can lead to the breach of sensitive and confidential secrets.  Privileged communications between military officials can be easily revealed and publicized by thieves eager to expose national undisclosed information. This article explores the dilemma now faced by the military and how stronger security is needed by even the toughest defense arsenals.


Early last month, investigators recovered over three hundred laptops stolen from the United States Navy.  While on a crime spree spanning three states, the thieves were able to compromise these computers which held privileged and confidential information pertaining to the Navy and its operatives. Law enforcement issued a bulletin requesting any citizen having recently purchased a laptop to ensure it did not bear a NMCI (Navy/Marine Corp Internet) service tag.  While the Navy continues to investigate these crimes, officials wait with breath that is bated for assurance top-secret data will not be revealed to adversarial nations or terrorist groups.


In a similar attack, Lin Poo of Malaysia pleaded not guilty to the theft of nearly 400,000 bank card numbers after he stole a heavily-encrypted laptop belonging to the Federal Reserve. Specifically, members of the Fireman’s Association of the State of New York and a New Jersey teacher’s credit union were targeted.  Poo was arrested after police caught him selling bank card numbers at a Brooklyn, New York diner for $1,000 per piece. Poo, no stranger to fraud, has been previously convicted of hacking into networks belonging to the United States Department of Defense.


Americans are increasingly finding themselves surrounded by incidences of laptop theft. Even the Department of Defense and the Navy are susceptible to attack. One surefire way to make certain these fraudsters cannot recover any confidential data is to install Snuko, PLC’s ironclad laptop security software. London-based company Snuko, PLC has lead the way in laptop security, specifically with its BlackBox software product which can protect against even the savviest of thieves. Upon notification that a breach has occurred, Snuko can remotely lock down the laptop’s hard drive while simultaneously enabling the GPS system.  These features make it easy for the military, or any other group affected by theft, to locate the missing computers and recover them quickly.  The BlackBox technology is also able to snap a picture of the perpetrator via the on-system digital camera installed in nearly all newer-model laptops. Simple installation of this defensive security software can help any military group finding themselves the victim of laptop theft.


In conclusion, anyone with a laptop must protect the data and software with Snuko’s security system. It should be apparent that hackers and thieves are getting more knowledgeable by the day.  Even defensive powerhouses like national Departments of Defense are finding themselves as victims. By installing the BlackBox software, laptop thieves won’t stand a chance at recovering confidential and sensitive data, thus keeping us all safe.