Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 3, 2010

Snuko, P.L.C. Recently Announced Upcoming Partnership with Popular Laptop Bag Manufacturer Krusell

Members of the technology and anti-theft community are thrilled by the recent pairing of Snuko, P.L.C. and Krusell. Snuko, a London-based corporation, specializes in “protecting your stuff.” Specifically, Snuko offers cutting-edge laptop and smartphone anti-theft solutions to expertly help victims of theft recover their belongings swiftly and easily. Swedish-based Krusell, urging customers to “get carried away,” is dedicated to the manufacture of top-quality laptop, smartphone, camera and MP3 bags and accessories. Together, the companies have agreed to work to eradicate as much technology theft as possible.

This pairing represents a brilliant combination of style and security. Krusell boasts being the first in the industry to sell anti-theft software with its fashionable bags and accessories. Krusell, who sells products in nearly 60 countries worldwide, is ecstatic to work with Snuko, as it recognizes the quality and strength of Snuko’s product. Ulf Sandberg, C.E.O. of Krussel stated:
“Being in a line of business where protection, customer value and design are key words, it felt like a match when we first met with Snuko. We have a constant strive to add values for our customers and to be part of an evolution. This offer is something new, this is adding real value for our users. I hope that many users will take this opportunity to upgrade their way of protecting their device[.]”

Snuko certainly sees the value and evolution in the partnership as well. Snuko C.E.O. Carlos H. Benvenuti rejoiced at the announcement due, remarking that the Krusell corporation is one of “well-established brand[s]” and “a company who cares.” Benvenuti further remarked “Krusell is the first laptop bag and mobile phone case producer to offer the Snuko Anti-theft and Data Recovery software with all of their products and we are very excited to see the first products ship.”

While both corporations are thrilled to work together, the real winners in this deal are the customers. Loyal Krusell shoppers throughout nearly every continent will now have access to the strongest defense against the growing problem of laptop and smartphone theft.