Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 3, 2010

University Laptop Theft on the Rise as Reports of Thefts Surface Daily

In one recent study, nearly 70% of American college and University students own laptops and use them daily for school-related work. Certain larger universities list laptops as a student requirement before beginning class. For this reason, many universities are slowly doing away with expansive computer labs and opting for more lounge-type areas where students have space to use their own laptops for schoolwork and research. With college student laptop-ownership rising every year, laptop theft is a growing problem among most large universities. New reports daily detail the theft of laptops from libraries, dormitories and lounge areas. Students must be aware of the threat of theft and fortify their laptops accordingly.

This past week, nearly a dozen reports were feature on national news outlets pertaining to university laptop theft. Central Illinois’ Quincy University recently found itself victim to dormitory laptop theft. The thief was sentenced to felony residential burglary and will stand trial in February, 2011. At an Arizona career technical school, nearly $1,000 in laptops were stolen from school property, leading to the thief’s prompt and swift arrest.

Even off-campus students are not immune from the influx of university laptop thefts. Catholic University of America students have been victimized in broad daylight by laptop thieves eager to steal their possessions. Police in this case indicated that the potential for theft arises quickly with upperclassman hosting large parties in their off-campus apartments. Student housing is easily spotted by thieves and these random guests often slip into the crowd unnoticed, giving them ample opportunity to pilfer valuable goods.

The best advice for college students worried about their belongings is to reinforce their laptops with the strength of a impenetrable security system. As London-based Snuko, P.L.C. knows all too well, laptops enabled with GPS systems, immediate remote lock-out capability and remote engagement of the in-system camera are the safest ways to ensure the safe return of the goods as well as the apprehension of the thief. Student victims of the Catholic University thefts were quoted as stating “by this time [of discovery of the thefts], there was nothing that could really be done by calling police so we went to bed….” If only these students had been prepared with Snuko’s BlackBox anti-theft software, their laptops could have been returned and the thief detained within the very same evening.