Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 8, 2010

Snuko – The Best Anti Theft Software

Snuko’s tie up with Mozy for online back up, has made it one of the best anti theft softwares in today’s virtual era. The other key features of this tool also contribute towards making it far superior than any other option.

Snuko’s recent integration with Mozy Online Backup, has made it one of the leading providers for security solutions. Whereas, Mozy is one the world’s largest and most trusted providers of online backup solutions.

In today’s virtual era, people often tend to store a ton of sensitive information on their mobile devices, that prove to be far more important than the device itself. Many a times, devices get lost or stolen and find their way to unauthorized access. Therefore, it is always better to take the necessary preventive measures for protecting all that sensitive information. Isn’t prevention better than cure?

With this very concept in mind, Snuko was developed and released in the market. Hence, it consists of several key features that are absolutely essential, as anti theft measures. One of the very basic features of this software is that, it is capable of taking pictures and videos of the person using the device. It also clicks snapshots of the desktop that will allow you to figure out what an unauthentic user has been trying to do with your device.

Snuko also provides its owners with the power to track down their lost or stolen laptops. It even makes use of WiFi and triangulation to identify where the lost or stolen device is located. Most of the other software options do not include this feature. This ‘GeoLocation’ feature allows authorities to easily track down their devices.

This software is basically tied up with the main server of the company and keeps updating its status at regular intervals. The minute a device is reported lost, the software locks down the entire system, after the recovery phase is completed. In this state, even an authorized user will not be able to access the system. The operating system along with its set of files will be sompletely locked down and safe. Moreover, the software will keep updating its location and status on the server periodically. This, again, will enable the authorities to track down the mobile device.

Another feature that is not found in many anti theft software options is that this tool encrypts all the important files so that they can remain safe and intact. But more importantly, these files are backed up on the Mozy Online backup, which provides over 25 petabytes of user information in its data centers, which are situated around the world. This additional functionality will, undoubtedly, make our digital life more secure.

As compared to the other anti-theft software options, Snuko is one of the best tools, that consists of all the necessary and extensive security features, for each and every mobile device. You can install it on your laptops, notebooks, SmartPhones and also on the latest Android Phones. All in all, it’s one of the best anti theft software tools.