Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 9, 2010

Protecting Personal Data in the Health Care Industry with Snuko

The health care industry is facing growing problems in health data theft. Personal and private information of patients is hacked, causing substantial problems. As a preventive measure, Snuko BlackBox should be installed into the mobile devices used by the health care personnel.

As more and more health care providers are switching to electronic medical records, medical identity theft is bound to increase. This prediction made by the experts was proven right when a recent attack on 957 patient records at Griffin Hospital in Connecticut was discovered. Apparently, someone hacked into the patient records and successfully managed to download image files of nearly 339 patients. Fortunately, the records did not contain any financial or Social Security data. However, the patients were called by someone soliciting business with a competing hospital. A radiologist, who was previously fired from the Griffin Hospital, has been accused of the crime.

Well, this is only one case. There have to be more similar cases like these which demand anti theft security. The mobile devices that are nowadays used for storing health care information are susceptible to loss and hacking. A study carried out in 2008 revealed that it is easy to wirelessly hack defibrillators. Then there are other devices like glucose infusion pumps and heart monitoring systems that are capable of transferring information to the doctor’s office and mobile devices. Also, we even have SmartPhones that can be used for not only housing various medical records but also monitoring the health of patients. With all this rise in technology and growing use of mobile devices, it is important to realize that there is a lot of sensitive information flying to and fro.

So, how can one make sure that private health care data remains private? There are many software options that you can use to install on your devices. These software tools will not only protect your data from unauthentic access but also help you get your device back. One such efficient software option is Snuko. The BlackBox Software developed and released by this company blocks the hard disc of the mobile device that has been reported lost or stolen.

This ever growing problem of health data theft is going to continue infiltrating the medical institutions. It is essential for the authorities to take measures and install an anti theft software in all their mobile devices. The theft and loss of the private and personal information of patients that is found in their medical data is on the rise. Therefore, the necessary precautions should be taken to combat all these crimes and ensure a secure environment for patient information. Snuko is the ideal software option that can save potential victims from health data theft.