Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 13, 2010

Laptop Theft, a Serious Crime Associated with Violence and Threats, Easily Studied Online

London-based Snuko, P.L.C., a European laptop and smartphone security giant, has done great business protecting laptop and smartphone users from the identity threat associated with laptop and cellular phone theft. Snuko has recognized the strong correlation between the use of its product and the recovery of stolen laptops and precious technology. It’s a good thing companies like Snuko have come forward to protect technology users because research reveals laptop theft is now easier than ever. It is vital to understand just how vulnerable to thievery laptop users can be.
A simple ‘Google’ search reveals just how simple it is for thieves to walk away with someone’s laptop computer. Within the past week, a larceny victim in San Antonio, California, United States, was easily deprived of his precious laptop on the platform of the Caltrain commuter rail. Reports indicate that the victim was easily denied of his laptop and wallet after thieves after multiple blows to the face and body. After this devastating experience, reports have not surfaced as to the recovery of the items. Had the victim been wise to install Snuko’s BlackBox technology, his overall experience may have been mitigated by the safe return of his valuable belongings.
With the ease and proficiency associated with laptop theft, the problem has only been compounded around the holidays as home invasions have drastically increased. Burglaries and larcenies commonly increase dramatically during the Christmas and Hanukah season as thieves know homeowners are keeping costly gifts in the home. Always be sure to safeguard your laptops and smartphones to be given as gifts in the ill-fated chance a home invasion occurs during the holiday season.
If the legitimate threat of laptop theft is still indistinguishable, Canadian Hans Meier found himself the unfortunate victim of a homicidal thief after his laptop. Meier, stabbed 28 times, was victimized by the perpetrator after he attempted to steal his laptop and identity information. The criminal offered no defense to his actions and the victim’s family has yet to sense remorse from the killer who took a life while attempting to steal a laptop.
The threat of laptop theft is a severe and grim crime wave sweeping many different areas. Victims have found themselves in assaultive, homicidal and precarious situations. While the protection offered by Snuko, P.L.C. is more than enough to combat against identity theft, users must be steadfastly aware of their surroundings and protect their themselves against all levels of identity theft.