Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 17, 2010

Password Protection for Securing Your Digital Life

Passwords act as the key to the private data you store in your mobile devices. Therefore, it is important to keep them strong. Lengthy passwords and software options are efficient options to keep your digital life secure.

Passwords give access to the sensitive information stored in your personal computers and mobile devices. If they are weak enough, they will find their way to unauthentic users and pose as a problem for you. Therefore, it is important to create passwords that are strong and well protected.

Your password should appear as a string of random characters to an attacker. Always keep your password lengthy. Remember that every character that you add to your password increases the protection. At the very least, your password should be at least 8 characters or more. Generally, 14 characters are considered as the ideal length.

As a good anti theft measure, many systems nowadays support the use of space bar for passwords. This helps you create a phrase consisting of many different words, making it a pass phrase. A phrase is always easier to remember than a single word. At the same time, it is difficult to guess.

A good tip for creating passwords is to combine different characters, special numbers and symbols. The more variety of characters in your password, the more difficult it will be to guess. If you are using a few types of characters, make sure the password is long. If, at all, you are unable to create a password without symbols, make it really long to get good protection. For an ideal password, combine length and the various types of symbols. For different types of characters, do not use the most common ones. Make sure to choose various symbols from all over the keyboard, making the password strong.

Your passwords and pass phrases should be easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. If you find it difficult to remember your passwords, a good option is to write it down somewhere. In fact, it is more difficult to find a password written on a piece of paper than a software-based storage option like a password manager. Only make sure that the piece of paper is adequately secured and protected.

Passwords are a good way of keeping private data secured but you can also install some software tool that will protect your information from unauthorized access. The BlackBox software released by Snuko is one such option. It not only secures your important files and data but also helps track down your lost device, if it gets stolen or misplaced. The theft and loss of mobile devices is also an increasing problem for data security. With its GeoLocation and WiFi triangulation facility, this software can track down the lost mobile phone or laptop within 10 to 20 meters.