Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 20, 2010

Crooks Perseveringly Coming Up With New Ways to Steal Laptops From Unsuspecting Victims

Although there is nothing new under the sun, thieves are always looking for new ways to rip off vulnerable or otherwise oblivious laptop owners. The following article looks at the frustratingly creative ways for criminals to steal your stuff, as well as infallible ways to protect your valuables.

Early last week, American Transportation Security Administration officer Troy Davis was placed on probation for swiftly sneaking five laptops and video game equipment from the bags of travelers in the security checkpoint line. Davis, an agent at Philadelphia International Airport, was caught using an explosive-detection device to shield bags while he rifled through them looking for electronics. After getting away with the theft of five personal computers and a Sony Playstation, Davis was finally apprehended and removed from his post at the security checkpoint. It is hard to believe an officer employed to protect the security of travelers within the United States could be capable of such exploitation.

In another attack, burglars scoured wedding announcements to determine when their next attack would be. Multiple attendees of a wedding returned to their homes to find them ransacked. Nearly every victim lost his laptop in the attacks as the thieves were able to determine the addresses of close family members and burgle their houses while away for the festivities. Victims lost thousands of dollars worth of electronics.

Lastly, unsuspecting victim Richard Lynch was victimized by a fraudulent UPS employee who was caught rummaging through packages en route to their final destination. Apparently, a laptop he sent away for repairs never arrived to its final destination. The box ultimately was found with soda cans and sheets inside instead of hardware and software.

Laptop users must be sure to protect their devices with strong, defensive anti-theft software. Snuko, P.L.C., a London-based antitheft software company has developed solutions to protect against such random and unexpected attacks. BlackBox technology has enabled users to remotely “shut down” the hard drive of any stolen laptop, leaving the device useless to thieves. The onboard digital camera will snap a picture of the thief if he opens the computer and a GPS system helps law enforcement locate any stolen device quickly and with ease.

Many crimes are committed with the wit and artistry of clever criminals, trained to act quickly anytime valuables are left vulnerable. Don’t find yourself the victim of laptop theft and be sure to install anti-theft software before your invaluable laptop is stolen at a time you least expect it.