Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 20, 2010

Google’s Latest Acquisition Results in Smartphones Holding All the Capabilities of a Traditional Wallet

As smartphone technology continues to advance, there is no time like the present to protect your important identity information. Products like Snuko’s antitheft smartphone technology make it easier to ensure eager fraudsters do not steal your precious checking, savings and credit card account information. With technology advancements happening daily, crimes like identity theft and technology theft are more rampant than ever.

Google, Inc., the search engine giant, recently acquired the rights from Canadian startup Zetawire. Zetawire’s technology includes a smartphone that virtually doubles as a traditional wallet, allowing users to scan credit card information, drivers’ licenses and essentially any other item one would carry in a wallet. As reported by multiple sources, the newly acquired technology would allow users to use their smartphones for “mobile banking, advertising, identity management, credit card and mobile coupon transaction processing” — in other words, all the puzzle pieces needed to let users treat their smartphones like a credit card.”

In other smartphone technology news, Google, Inc. and Apple, Inc. have both developed technology to allow mass transit users to purchase tickets for metros in many European nations and most commonly in Japan. The technology allows users to simply wave their phone in front of a reader which will dispense of subway and mass transit tickets.

The goal of many smartphone software manufacturers is to create technology to encourage “contactless payment.” Self-evidently, contactless payment systems are those which do not require an actual face-to-face transaction but conveniently allow smartphone holders to make purchase and pay for services by scanning credit information right from the screen. Many technology experts opine it will be but a few years before Americans are replacing traditional wallets with smartphones.

What does all this mean for your personal security? Gone are the days when a stolen phone meant your phone book and a few pictures are compromised. In this day and age, a stolen smartphone means everything from your social security card to your debit card to your state-issued identification card are now in the hands of criminals eager to dispel and use your information for their advantage. With this influx of convenience and portability comes an increase in security concerns. Companies such as Snuko, P.L.C., specialize in software which can easily recover your smartphone in the event you find yourself the victim of theft. GPS-enabled, super-secure designs mean you will never have to sacrifice convenience for safety.