Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 23, 2010

Database Protection and Snuko for Protecting Information in the Mass Media Industry

Mass Media is an ever growing industry. It is majorly responsible for keeping the world updated with all the recent developments and trends. But, it also faces many security issues. Let us see what can be done to avoid these problems.

Mass Media plays an important role in making the public aware of what is happening in the world through television, newspapers, radio, etc. This industry goes hand in hand with the Information and Communication Technology in order to create a new way of life for a majority of those who are a part of this global generation.

However, there are many different enterprises springing up to actively participate in this ever growing industry. The cut throat competition to deliver the best as quickly as possible is immense. This often leads to issues like data and security threats. In the race to become Number 1, companies often try to sabotage their competitors’ reputation.

Information plays a key role in the success of a company involved in Mass Media. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to protect this vital element. Mostly information is stored on computers and laptops and their databases. While almost all companies take care to lock down their networks, the databases are often left vulnerable.

As an important anti-theft measure, carefully protecting the most sensitive data housed in databases from unauthentic access is exceedingly critical. This is because almost 90 per cent of all your sensitive information resides in your databases.

Often, the security for databases is neglected completely until an internal audit is run, detailing all those who have an access to the sensitive information-holding databases. If an internal employee, like the database administrator, successfully breaks into some confidential data that has to be especially protected from the competitors, think of the damage it would do to the enterprise. Also, if it gets out in the open, the negative impact on the company’s reputation will be severely damaging.

Therefore, all the databases should be properly protected from leaks and unauthorized access. Cryptographic enforced access control is one way of ensuring that the data is being accessed only by those who are permitted to. Also, it is a good practice to keep your data security solution application transparent, as doing this will ensure that there is no need to make any changes to the underlying applications.

Employers can even consider securing all their systems individually with a software tool that will protect their data. The BlackBox software by Snuko is an excellent option for computers and laptops. It can take pictures and videos of who is using the computer. Also, it can take screen shots of the desktop. This facility can tell you who is doing what with the computer. Even if a laptop gets stolen, the software is capable of locking down all the important files and documents the minute it has been reported lost.

Security issues have always been on the rise in the Mass Media industry. Therefore, it is important for companies involved in this field to take proper anti-theft measures and protect not only their sensitive information, but also their reputation.