Posted by: snukoantitheft | December 27, 2010

Many Families Report Christmas Day Laptop Theft

Industry leader Snuko, P.L.C. offers the perfect accompaniment to new laptop: fulltime anti-theft security. Laptops have been highly touted was one of the most exciting holiday gifts to receive. Teenagers, parents and grandparents alike are overjoyed upon opening a brand new iMac or netbook. Christmastime crooks are overjoyed as well. As many families travel to and fro on the holiday, thieves are prepared to quickly and expeditiously enter your home and make off with your newly acquired electronics. While it may seem like an extremely heinous gesture, law enforcement reports incidents of theft every year on Christmas Day, and this year was no exception.

Crooks in Swindon, Wiltshire county U.K., gained entry through an insecure window and completely wreaked havoc on their unsuspecting victims. As the family slept, the crooks made off with videogames, a brand new laptop and, unbelievably, a new puppy. The fraudsters were long gone before the children and parents realized what had happened. With Snuko’s GPS-enabled software, the family could have easily and swiftly located the missing laptop, the thief and hopefully the rare-breed bulldog stolen from underneath their Christmas tree.

California burglars spread holiday cheer by breaking in to steal Christmas gifts while families are gathered at church. In an alarming attack, burglars stole a Sacramento-area family’s laptop computer, its attached printer and all the children’s Christmas presents. Had the laptop been enabled with BlackBox technology, Snuko could have remotely disabled it from use. Even on Christmas Day.

Many would think that a joyous occasion would bring about the best in everyone. Quite the contrary as law enforcement reports nearly 50 burglaries every Christmas. Crooks know homes are filled with gifts and gadgets and are eager to get their hands on all the latest technology. As the Sacramento county sheriff’s department reports: “Christmas day is definitely a target.”

On everyone’s Christmas list for next year should be a copy of the strongest anti-laptop-theft software money can buy: Snuko’s BlackBox.