Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 1, 2011

Snuko Anti-theft Software Prepared to Protect More Than Your Portable Laptop

London-based Snuko, P.L.C., an industry leader in laptop and smartphone anti-theft technology, can protect more than just your hardware and software. Snuko’s Blackbox software has been designed to effectuate the swift and hassle-free return of stolen or misplaced laptops and smartphones. The software is replete with an arsenal of defenses to ensure anyone victimized by laptop theft can work with Snuko and law enforcement to easily recover the computer. The GPS-enabled technology coupled with the full hard drive lockout can help students like Louisa Pringle recover more than just stolen equipment.

This year’s Boxing Day will be memorable for more than just great shopping and a day off school for one Calderdale-area student. Doctoral student Louisa Pringle was victimized on the holiday this past week and crooks stole two laptops from her home, containing all the notes and research for her dissertation. As a result, the Sussex University student, majoring in Spanish and anthropology, has found herself doubting if she will be able to finish the project in time. The thieves not only stole her valuable personal property, but her chance at a degree, something she has worked towards for so many years.

Pringle has pled with the community to help her apprehend the thieves, but she is doubtful the University will sympathize with her situation. The dissertation, worth a large majority of her final grade, is due in just two weeks. To further complicate matters, Pringle received her laptop gratuitously as part of the Disabled Students Allowance program. It is uninsured and Pringle laments “I’m worried that I’ll be liable for the cost of the laptop.”

This very unfortunate story should serve as a lesson to all those students, professionals and artists who choose to keep very privileged intellectual property on their laptops. Install Snuko’s BlackBox technology immediately! Had Ms. Pringle been wise to the devastating effects of laptop theft, she could have fortified her laptop, her items would have been quickly recovered, and she would be spending the next two weeks making last-minute edits to her dissertation. Instead, the hardware is likely long gone and she will be forced to author 4 months of work in just a matter of days.