Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 7, 2011

Snuko is Now More Effective with its Lost and Stolen Device PDF Report

Although the anti-theft software released by Snuko was effective, its adeptness has increased manifold after the additional application called the Lost and Stolen Device PDF report.

The new Lost and Stolen Device PDF report released by Snuko is a step towards assisting mobile device owners and the law enforcement agencies to track down stolen and lost devices.

This product includes a user account which can be accessed by the device owner. Once the account is logged into, the user will be able to see the location of their device on a Google map. The pictures and videos of the unauthorized user can also be seen by the owner along with the screen shots of the desktop.

Although the software has always been able to provide all the necessary information required to track down a lost or stolen device, this new feature has been added as an extra anti-theft security measure. This application will allow the device owner to print out a detailed report of the whereabouts of the lost device. This report can then be taken to the police, the insurance company or the employer.

The new Lost and Stolen Device PDF report will make it easy for device owners to print out everything that will be required by the police to track down the stolen device. The geo-location as well as the Internet Protocol data can all be printed out on a single sheet. This report can be taken in an electronic PDF format. So, the device owners have to just mail it to the police, thereby, saving time.

Snuko’s PDF report is sectioned into four distinct segments. The first section is called Device and Owner Information. This has all the information of the owner of the device including its type, brand and serial number. Internet Protocol or IP log forms the second section of this report. This section includes all the technical information that may be required by the police for recovering the device. Additional important information included in this section is internal and external IPs, host name and the MAC address.

The last three sections of the Lost and Stolen PDF report are represented in a graphical format. These sections include the geo-location, the pictures of the unauthorized user and a series of screen shots of the desktop depicting what has been done on the device.

The application shows the geo-location of the stolen device in a Google map. This includes the last three locations of the device. A web cam on the device takes pictures without the thief knowing. All these facilities make the anti-theft software more effective.