Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 7, 2011

Snuko Presents the Perfect Gift This New Year!

It is time to buy New Year presents for your near and dear ones. We recommend the BlackBox software launched by Snuko for all your tech savvy corporate associates.

The New Year has arrived and you want the perfect gift for all your colleagues. In this corporate world, everybody uses laptops and notebooks to store information. Many a times, some of this data is highly sensitive and susceptible to theft and loss. So, what can be a better gift than anti-theft software for your corporate associates? There are many such software options available in the market for you to pick from. However, one effective and reliable tool is the BlackBox software from Snuko.

This software tool is fabricated for home and office computers, laptops, SmartPhones and other mobile devices. If your device gets lost or stolen, the BlackBox software can help you retrieve it by providing all the necessary information regarding who is using your device and where it is located. It has been released by Snuko and can be bought from their website. The differentiators of this software are as listed below.

  1. It uses GeoLocation and Wi-Fi triangulation to identify where your device is located. This application works to track down the location of your device within 10 to 20 meters.
  2. The Internet Protocol Logs is a feature that will help you identify the network your stolen device is logged in at. Also, you will be able to figure out which Internet service is being used for your device.
  3. This anti-theft software works best if you have a web camera installed. It clicks pictures of who is using your device and you can see the unauthorized person accessing your system.
  4. If your system is equipped with the sufficient process memory and the correct file formats, this software can also film a 10 second video with sound and motion of the unauthorized user on your system.
  5. Another feature of this software tool is that it uses a data encryption algorithm. This algorithm is applied on all your important files so that they remain secure and no one else but you can access and read them.
  6. The best part about this software tool is that it allows you to back up all your important and sensitive data even after your system has been reported missing.
  7. After all your important data has been retrieved, this software locks down your computer. This feature makes sure that only you are able to access your system.

The Snuko software is adept with all these features and more! Thus, it makes an ideal gift for all your tech savvy co-workers.