Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 9, 2011

Potentially Life-Saving Multiple Sclerosis Research Vanishes Along With Stolen Laptop

Laptop anti-theft expert Snuko, P.L.C. is all too familiar with the devastating effects associated with laptop theft. The London-based company, which specializes in recovery of stolen laptop computers and smartphones, has created software which will enable Snuko to remotely locate stolen goods and aid law enforcement in their return. The ingenious technology is designed to help victims recover invaluable computers containing personal data, identity information, intellectual property and, in one very unfortunate case, medical research.

Ohio State University student Kristen Smith has spent the last five years of her life researching and experimenting with alternative testing methods for the devastating illness multiple sclerosis. Her research will hopefully lead to a faster and less-invasive diagnosis for those afflicted with the illness. Multiple sclerosis is an auto-immune disease affecting the nervous system and sufferers are faced with symptoms ranging from loss of balance, hearing loss, loss of coordination and even slurred speech. Current tests for Multiple Sclerosis include spinal taps, MRIs and nerve tests. Smith had hoped her research would lead to a less painful diagnosis.

However, many of her dreams came crashing down this past week as thieves broke into her car and stole her laptop containing all her research and her doctoral dissertation. While Smith dined at a local restaurant, vandals broke the windows of many cars in the parking lot and stole all the valuable items therein. The restaurant’s chef attempted to apprehend the thieves, but they were long gone. As is the last six months of Smith’s research which she had not yet backed up. Smith recounts the experience: “It’s really just about recovering the work that I’ve put in for the last five years. I’m hoping to graduate in June and a large part of my dissertation work was on that computer so this is really a huge setback as far as this work that I’ve done.”

This story represents yet another illustration of why Snuko’s anti-theft technology is a must-have for anyone storing priceless data on their computers. Particularly, Snuko’s BlackBox software could been installed in Smith’s laptop and she would have her dissertation notes and research back within hours. When vandals steal a laptop, they are stealing much more than just a piece of equipment. In many cases, such as doctoral student Kristen Smith, they have taken her research which could have lead to incalculable advances in multiple sclerosis research and technology.