Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 12, 2011

Snuko’s Affiliate Marketing Program is a Success!

With Snuko’s affiliate marketing campaigns, the anti-theft software released by the company is reaching out not only to the UK market, but the American market as well.

Snuko is one of the leading developers and marketers of security software for computers, laptops, SmartPhones and other mobile devices. It uses sophisticated and innovative technology for developing software solutions for recovering and tracking lost laptops and other devices.

Many a times, these devices contain highly sensitive information which is more valuable than the hardware itself. This software does help you get your device back. But what is more advantageous is the fact that it protects your information from unauthorized access. Apparently, the system locks down and encrypts all the important documents and files the minute it has been reported lost. The GeoLocation and WiFi triangulation allow the owner to locate the lost or hidden laptop. This technology offers complete peace of mind to the users that even if their laptops and other mobile devices get stolen or lost, they can not only get back their confidential data but can also track down where their device is located.

Along with its anti-theft software, the company is also involved in its affiliate marketing program. It has been offering its software solutions through the affiliate marketing world. This step has obviously turned out to be quite successful because the company is attracting thousands of independent and potential online marketers. All the major European networks, Snuko collaborated with, have started their campaigns in the beginning of August last year. The company negotiated with affiliate marketing networks in the U.S. and started campaigning in the American market by September.

The whole idea of affiliate marketing came to the company’s officials when their software stirred a growing interest in online marketers all around the world. Offering their products through different affiliate channels continues to remain beneficial for Snuko, which is originally a London based company. Now, the affiliate marketing channel has become invaluable for this company. They are expecting a rapid growth in the customers downloading their software. With the help of their affiliate partners, the company will offer its security software to more than a 100 million Internet users for downloading, by the end of this year. Although it is impossible to say if these Internet users will convert to loyal Snuko consumers, the chances of this happening look very bright.

Affiliate marketing has obviously proved extremely efficient for this anti-theft software company. Their software solutions are not concentrated in the U.K market alone, but have their tentacles spread in the U.S. market too.