Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 12, 2011

Snuko’s BlackBox Software for Educational Institutes

With the rise in the use of laptops, the educational field needs to incorporate anti-theft software solutions. Keeping this in mind, Snuko distributed its software in the public schools of Northern Europe.

Snuko is one of the leading providers of security software solutions. It is a London based security and IT company that strives to deliver the best software options for retrieving lost data. It also integrates features to track down and recover lost laptops, SmartPhones and other mobile devices.

Today’s ever growing era of Information Technology demands the use of laptops in the field of education, too. Teachers and students alike use these mobile devices for lectures and presentations. They might hardly give security a second thought, but it is important. Data security is vital in all those areas where the use of computers, laptops and other data storing devices is on the rise.

Keeping this in mind, the company delivered their first anti-theft software solution to the public schools situated in the North of Europe. They received their order for distribution in the month of November last year. This step was taken due to the ever growing use of laptops in the day to day lives of public school students. These and other mobile devices are made readily available to most of the students there. With teachers also using laptops, the challenges faced are many in case they get lost. Snuko realized this growing problem and has thus taken action in the field of education.

The educational field is in more need of multi functional and affordable software solutions to protect their data. The BlackBox software released and distributed by the company offers complete security to the data stored in mobile devices through encryption algorithms and file locking technology. It also offers the advantage of encrypting and locking down all the important documents the minute the device is reported lost. This is only the software protection part. It has something for the hardware too. The GeoLocation and WiFi triangulation technology used in this software will help track down a lost system within the range of 10 to 20 meters. This anti-theft software will prove to be very beneficial for all those who are involved in the field of education.

Snuko offered its software solution to all the public schools in Northern Europe with the hope of spreading the message globally. Educational institutes all over the world need to use data security software solutions which will help them keep their confidential information safe. The very first institute that purchased the software has 6 schools and a total strength of 2600 students and just as many laptops.