Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 18, 2011

Laptop Theft Spreads to NFL as Super Bowl Artwork is Stolen

London-based company Snuko, P.L.C. understands just how widespread the problem of laptop theft has become. By designing software which can quickly and safely recover a stolen laptop or smartphone while simultaneously tracking the perpetrator, Snuko has done its best to eradicate the endless problems associated with stolen laptops. Commonly, when a personal computer is stolen, the user loses valuable identity and financial information. Occasionally, the laptop contains invaluable intellectual property that can never be duplicated. Snuko is also prepared for the more unique situations where laptops are stolen containing highly classified information or creative assets. While less common, the theft of artwork is no less devastating than any other effect of laptop crime. The latest artwork theft involves a laptop stolen from NFL officials in preparation for next month’s Super Bowl game, to be held February 6, 2011.
The Super Bowl game is the pinnacle of not only American professional football, but also the creative genius behind unforgettable commercials, halftime shows and various advertisements. Preparation for each year’s game takes months and usually begins right after the preceding year’s game. This year, however, officials are facing a potentially catastrophic theft of artwork designed for the game resulting from laptop thefts from NFL facilities.
Dubbed as the “first test” for Super Bowl security teams, last week an NFL employee’s laptop was stolen from a car and the laptop contained artwork and images created for pre-event and event festivities. With the big game just weeks away, the NFL was forced to create brand new artwork for the event. Fortunately, the NFL has confirmed that security details and other confidential information have not been compromised. Officials have made several arrests in conjunction with the theft. It has been confirmed that the laptop has not been recovered.
Instances of laptop theft can leave users feeling vulnerable and devastated at the loss of their irreplaceable files. As this story illustrates, more than just bank information can be compromised when a personal computer is stolen. Unique and personal artwork can be taken, likely unusable to the thief, but a devastating loss to the creative team responsible for its conception. By installing Snuko’s arsenal of defensive software, users can rest assured that their precious documents and designs will not run the risk of being lost forever in the event of a theft.