Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 18, 2011

Snuko Improves its Data Recovery Technology with its New Version

The new and improved version of the anti theft software launched by Snuko will allow its users to retrieve data without the device being connected to the internet.

Snuko is the world’s leading software company that excels in providing security software solutions for computers, laptops, SmartPhones and other mobile devices. The BlackBox software it had released earlier was adept at backup, encryption and removal of data on a stolen device right after it had been reported stolen.

Now, the company is planning to release their new version of data recovery software on 20th January, 2011. This new and improved version of the company’s anti theft software will not require the lost or stolen device to be connected to the internet for the owner to retrieve their data from it. With the help of the Web based user account, the user will not only be able to report the device lost, but also access the backed up data on the device easily from the World Wide Web.

This step has been taken to change the way of how lost data should be handled through software solutions. There is absolutely no doubt in ensuring that users will get their lost data back. The drawback of the first software that required the device to be connected to the internet has been overcome with this innovative technology. Although the previous version managed to take pictures of the unauthorized user, collect Internet Protocol information for the police reports, lock down the system and encrypt all the important documents and files on the system, the necessity to connect to the internet proved to be more or less of a hindrance.

Snuko’s latest version of security software has been modified considerably. The software will now keep an active backup of the user’s data on its backup servers. This means, users will now be able to recover lost data even if the device is lost and will never connects to the internet.

The problem with the previous version was that if the device gets lost and never gets connected to the internet, the data would never be recovered. In the improvised version, a copy of the users data will be made and updated on the company’s backup servers. This will allow users to access their data at all times via a web browser. Another advantage of this anti theft software is that the user’s data will be securely encrypted and stored. This step will guarantee that only the appropriate account holder will be able to access their stored data.

Snuko has always maintained customers security as their highest priority. This innovative and improved version of the BlackBox security software proves this. The company has also partnered with Mozy, one of the leading providers of online backup. Mozy is one of the leading providers of online backup and, thus, the best available option for this new improved anti theft software.

The second version of the BlackBox software is twice as efficient than its previous counterpart. The very fact that it does not require internet connection for recovering lost data will prove to be extremely beneficial for its users. Data recovery can never be made more easy and quick.