Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 18, 2011

Snuko to Release Latest Version of Software to Include Live, Online Backup

Thursday, January 20 promises to be a big day for Snuko, P.L.C. and its faithful users. The second version of its software is due for release and the technological advancements are colossal. Users will now be able to backup all files and data in real time. The latest version enables users to maintain a web-based user account. As they use their laptop and save data, the same data is immediately backed up and saved onto the virtual account. As opposed to the previous version, victims of laptop theft will be able to immediately access their files and documents via the web-based account. Previously, users would contact Snuko at the event of a theft at which point Snuko could remotely encrypt, backup and remove data from the stolen device. The latest version eliminates the extra steps necessary to protect your files.
CEO of Snuko, Carlos Benvenuti, details the advancement as a “complete rethinking of how we want the software to handle data loss.” He further explains the improvements as “ensur[ing] that users get their data back. Our first version of the software required the device to connect to the internet before our application was activated and we could, take pictures of the user, get IP information for police reports, lock the device, encrypt the data on the device, and allow the user to recover their data.”
The new software brilliantly keeps an ongoing backup of files in the event the stolen laptop never reconnects to the internet again. Snuko recognizes the devastating effects of laptop theft and is certain these enhancements will better protect Snuko users. Bienvenuti adds: “In the previous version of the software, if the device was lost and never connected to the internet, the user wouldn’t be able to get their data back. In the latest version, there is always a copy of the users data located on our backup servers, which allows the users to access their data at any time via a browser.”
In an effort to avoid “reinventing the wheel,” Snuko has partnered with backup industry-leader Moazy. Snuko remarks that Mozy’s innovative and functional features made it an obvious choice for Snuko.
The latest versions will be available in a paid version as well as a free version. Both contain geo-location tracking capabilities and the ability to take pictures of the thief to provide greater assistance to law enforcement eager to apprehend the thieves. The free version will only provide live time online backup for one month free of charge.
Be sure to upgrade to Snuko’s latest version this upcoming Thursday to prevent all instances of theft of your precious documents and personal information.