Posted by: snukoantitheft | January 24, 2011

Industry-Leader Snuko, P.L.C. to Partner with Top European Software Sales Companies

London-based Snuko, P.L.C. leads the way in laptop anti-theft technology. Their products, which were recently updated last week to include the revolutionary Version 2, are designed to aid law enforcement and laptop owners in not only apprehending any criminal who makes off with their computer but also by backing up the user’s invaluable stored data. Snuko’s software enables victims of theft to contact the company remotely, resulting in the complete lockout of the computer and the activation of the on-board digital live camera which conveniently snaps a picture of the thief if and when he opens the lid to the computer. The latest version also saves data in real time so users do not have to worry if they called Snuko quickly enough to recover sensitive and private identity information.

With all the advanced technology associated with Snuko and its product, it is no wonder that companies across Europe are eager to work with the technology mogul. Specifically, VUD GmbH, Dornach and Livenca AG and Starnberg signed a “memorandum of understanding” recently to detail the upcoming exclusive distribution of Snuko’s product within Germany, Austria and Switzerland. A “memorandum of understanding” is similar to the United States instrument known as a “letter of intent.” German-based VUD GmbH is one of the preeminent software sales companies in Germany and is partners with the largest IT distribution company in the world: Ingram Micro.

For the exclusive distribution of Snuko’s products, the partnership has been given the moniker “Snuko Germany AG.” This partnership is particularly exciting for Snuko given the extensive European history surrounding software introduction and its outstanding rate of success in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Founder of VUD GmbH and ComScent GmbH Sigi Pfeffer will assume the role of CEO of Snuko Germany AG. He had the following to say about the exciting enterprise:

VUD GmbH are being offered constantly new software products for distribution.The vast majority of these products are not unique. It makes no sense for us to sell another anti-virus program. The Snuko software was immediately eye-catching, as something really special. This product is something new and very useful. The feedback we got from the retailers was very encouraging indeed. Therefore, we decided at VUD not only to sell and distribute , but also to invest in SNUKO Germany AG.
We are very confident that we have made the right decision. Livenca AG as a financial partner will support a high marketing budget.

CEO of Snuko Carlos Bevenuti was also elated with the prospect of the joint venture and commented as follows:

With the signature of the [memorandum of understanding] Snuko P.L.C. achieved an important milestone for its future business development. At Snuko Germany AG, we will now for the first time build a retail business systematically. The presence of our products in the shops is crucial to help us increase brand awareness of Snuko´s anti theft software.

Media Markt/Saturn, a market leader in software distribution and sales, has agreed to list Snuko in its Q1 2011 product range.