Posted by: snukoantitheft | February 3, 2011

Quick Facts on Snuko’s BlackBox Anti-Theft Software

Snuko’s BlackBox software should be used by all for protecting information, especially since data theft is on a continuous rise.

In today’s time, every one in ten computers gets stolen on a daily basis. Moreover, every week, around 12,000 laptops are reported lost from U.S. airports. Of all these laptops, only 3 per cent are successfully recovered. What is the reason behind all this? Lack of security, will be the first answer. Although laptop thefts occur around the world, most of us think it is not going to happen with us. Therefore, we do not implement proper anti-theft measures for securing our laptops and other mobile devices.

Most of the time, the data that we store on our device is far more important than the hardware itself. Private information is extremely confidential and can cause potential harm if accessed by an unauthorized user. Therefore, it becomes vital to protect that information. Encryption techniques, digital signatures, password protection are some steps that should be taken by all for data security. But, it should not be limited to these steps alone. What you need is a powerful software solution that can help you protect your data. And when it comes to software security solutions, Snuko is the perfect answer.

This software provides you with a cost-effective solution for recovering your laptop, in case it is lost or stolen. It will not only recover your lost computer or laptop, but also your intellectual property in almost no time at all. This software solution will also allow you to recover or delete files remotely. It works as an advantage if your device has landed in the wrong hands that could misuse the information.

Snuko offers the BlackBox software for all laptops and computers that use Windows as their Operating System. However, in the near future, the company will make its software available for almost all the mobile devices that are in use today. The basic idea behind this software is that it uses a virtual back office console. Every user uses his log to report the loss or theft of the computer or the laptop. Once the report is made, the device will report back to the company’s database whenever it is connected to the Internet next. The location of the computer along with other important information is then recorded in the database. Using this information, the authorities and the owner will be able to retrieve their device quickly, in a hassle free way.

The BlackBox software offered by Snuko comes replete with a lot of anti-theft functionalities. Its GeoLocation feature allows you to trace down your device within 10 to 20 meters. It can also take pictures and videos of who is using the computer. This can help you pin down the unauthorized user. The software encrypts all the important files and documents in your computer which helps in disabling access. It also allows you to retrieve all the important data with its data recovery process from any other device. The computer lock down mode of this software solution will disable your device from further usage.

This software solution by Snuko is definitely a great option for protecting computers and laptops. With the rise in data theft, we should do all that we can to discourage it from happening with us.