Posted by: snukoantitheft | February 3, 2011

Snuko Partners with BitDefender for Effective Internet Protection

Snuko is partnering with BitDefender, an award winning provider of innovative Internet security solutions to serve better to its customers.

The award winning provider of innovative Internet security solutions, BitDefender, recently announced its partnership with Snuko UK Ltd. The latter has been providing excellent software solutions for protecting and retrieving digital data. Now, BitDefender will offer the BlackBox software released by its partner company to all its online customers.

Then, sometime during the later part of this year, the Snuko customers will be offered BitDefender Total Security 2011. Users will be able to acquire a comprehensive effective protection against all the Internet security threats. But this is not all! They will also get proper system maintenance and back up, as an added bonus. This is, without any doubt, a perfect match made in heaven.

Snuko, as we all know, is the provider of the best anti-theft software in the Internet market. The BlackBox software released by the company for Windows operating system is a definite success. The software can not only retrieve all the sensitive data in your device, but can also track down and recover your lost laptop, computer or any other hardware device. It can take pictures and videos of who is using the computer. It is also adept at taking screen shots of the screen to tell you who is doing what with the computer. The software is tied up to the company’s server. After the device has been reported lost, the software, after getting connected to the Internet, reports all important information including location and other details to the server. This allows the authorities to track down the device. Moreover, the software encrypts all the important files and documents and locks down the system and protects it from unauthorized use.

Talking about BitDefender, this company has left no stone unturned for setting new standards in proactive threat prevention. What’s more, it continues to improve all its software solutions, keeping itself abreast with the current technology. The company is based on innovative trends and ideas in the industry of information security. Each year, it issues a new generation of desktop products with added functionalities. The company has been releasing anti-theft software options for protecting its users in millions of homes and offices, across the globe.

BitDefender is a company that is committed to protecting people and keeping them secure when they are accessing the Internet. It has also won a lot of appreciation and a range of awards in the Internet market. The partnership of BitDefender and Snuko is going to be successful in providing users with extra options for data protection.

The main goal of this partnership is to protect users all over the world from the adverse effects of data thefts. With the advent of technology, all of us use our mobile devices for storing highly confidential information. Therefore, it becomes important to take appropriate measures for protecting all this data. This two-in-one package of highly effective software will help you protect yourself from the constantly rising data theft. Thus, we can safely conclude that the Snuko and BitDefender partnership is surely going to be a success!