Posted by: snukoantitheft | February 8, 2011

Snuko Partners with Manchester-Based The Evidence Partnership to Enhance Forensic Software

Snuko’s increasing global presence has lead to yet another partnership as it signs a distribution agreement with The Evidence Partnership U.K., a front-running global provider of forensic security and security consultancy. Nearly 40 countries worldwide will now be afforded the protections and security provided by both mesmeric security corporations. The agreement is set to provide Snuko with access to the clientele reliant upon The Evidence Partnership’s products which are used by corporation investigative services, law enforcement and homeland security agencies all over the world.
Regarded as “one of the best pieces of forensic software on the market,” The Evidence Partnership’s managing director Allen Scott is “delighted” to work with Snuko and heralds its product as one that “not only aids in detection, but can deter would be computer thieves.” The Evidence Partnership is a Manchester-based forensics company which specializes in crime scene investigation, fingerprinting, forensic photography and evidence management solutions, among many other services.
Snuko’s Carlos Benvenuti went on to add: “This is great opportunity for us to enter another very promising market segment for Snuko. The demand for security solutions from the public sector and government agencies in general is very strong and increasing and we are confident that the vast network and customer base of The Evidence Partnership will give us a strong entry and presence in this extremely interesting market for Snuko.”
Forensic software has been an increasingly integral tool for law enforcement. As criminals develop savvier and more technical methods of theft and criminal enterprise, the instruments used by law enforcement must continue to develop as well. In addition to stopping crime and apprehending criminals, forensic software also includes capabilities relating to DNA comparison and ballistics identification.
In summation, the partnership of Snuko with The Evidence Partnership will not only increase security for users to unprecedented levels, it will aid law enforcement in its objectives to swiftly and efficiently apprehend criminals.