Posted by: snukoantitheft | February 8, 2011

Snuko Users to be Afforded Even Greater Protection Against Threats

In its latest partnership, Snuko has teamed up with BitDefender to offer users an arsenal of cyber protection unparalleled in modern technology. The partnership, announced earlier this month, is described by Snuko C.E.O. Carlos Benvenuti as a “match made in heaven.” With the credentials and protections proffered by both products, this is an accurate and precise description.
Snuko is known throughout the security industry as a leader in laptop and smartphone recovery. The devices are commonly targeted for their mobility and the ease with which they can be stolen from unsuspecting users. Snuko has developed software and technological advances with which to combat this growing problem. Namely, Snuko’s software can remotely lock out the operating system of the device, rendering it useless to the thief. In addition, the on-board camera can snap a picture of the perpetrator and locate its geographical position with the utmost of accuracy. These features make it much easier for law enforcement to recover the stolen items and charge the fraudster with the appropriate crimes. In the meantime, Snuko’s latest version is able to recover the data and files stored upon the laptop digitally, as they are saved in real time while the laptop is in use. Thus, if you find yourself the victim of laptop theft, Snuko can not only aid the police in the safe return of your hardware, but it can aid you in the safe return of your invaluable and irreplaceable files.
BitDefendner pairs so divinely with Snuko because its product is geared toward internet security solutions and is slated to be marketed with Snuko’s product to provide users with every possible protection against fraud and identity theft. BitDefender’s online customers will soon be offered Snuko’s protection and later this year Snuko users can expect access to BitDefender’s Total Security 2011, a product designed to provide online security, maintenance and backup solutions. BitDefender’s Managing Director Peter Barlow had the following to say about the latest pairing: “BitDefender is committed to helping people stay secure when using computers and the internet, and we have won a range of awards and recommendations in doing this. So, partnering with a company such as Snuko to help ensure our customers have extra options for protection makes perfect sense.”
As usual, Snuko is ecstatic to partner with yet another corporate leader in technological security: “Our main focus is to protect our customers against the effects of theft by securing the hardware and data of our customers. With our partnership with BitDefender we can now offer BitDefender and Snuko customers protection against internet threats as well as, an all in one package and that’s a unique and very strong offer.”