Posted by: snukoantitheft | February 11, 2011

What Value does Snuko Hold for its End Users?

Give laptop thieves a tough time with Snuko’s Anti-theft software. What’s more, Snuko also holds value for a wide range of end-users. Let’s find out how Snuko can benefit you.

Based in London, Snuko is a security and IT Company that specializes in securing laptops and other mobile devices, as well as securing confidential data that may be susceptible to theft and loss. With the emergence of the Snuko anti-theft software into the market, the company has managed to beat all conventional methods by coming out on top with its new and radical anti-theft device that combines Internet-based technologies with real-time monitoring and online tracking of Internet devices.

With Snuko’s anti-theft device, you can now give laptop thieves a hard time both before as well as after they’ve committed the crime. What’s more, if your mobile phone or computer is found by an honest person, he or she can now return it to you in an easy and hassle-free way; helping you get your device and data back.

Every year, nearly 1 out of 10 laptops are lost or stolen in their first 12 month life cycle. Statistics have shown that out of this, nearly 97% are never recovered. From airports to libraries and train stations, the list of places where you could lose your laptop just goes on. The cost of recovering these devices can be enormous. Since computers and mobile phones have become such a big part of our lives today, we tend to feel handicapped without them. And worse still, knowing that your device is in the hands of the wrong person can be absolutely horrifying!

Computers and mobiles are used by everyone across the world. Every household in the world has at least one of these devices, making it all the more important to keep some security measure in the event of loss or theft of the device. Since it is so reasonably priced, the Snuko anti-theft software is truly for everyone!

And although this product has a wide number of uses for the people across the world, it is important to note the various values that it brings to various end-users:

1.Value for Telco’s & Internet Service Providers

  • It helps to increase Customer Loyalty.
  • It helps to increase your overall revenues.
  • It helps to reduce Churn.

2.Value for Insurance Companies

  • Reduced Insurance Claims.
  • Helps solve problems like home and office burglaries.
  • Better for branding, as it shows your customers that you care for them.

3.Value for Device Manufacturers

  • It gives you a competitive edge.
  • It helps to increase customer loyalty.
  • It helps to enhance branding.
  • Over time, it will help to increase your overall revenues.

4.Value for Anti-Virus & Security Vendors

  • Protects against any hardware loss or theft.
  • The product can go along with the existing products that are being sold.
  • Provides your customers with a complete solution.
  • It helps to increase your overall revenue.

And ultimately for the customers, Snuko offers the best security solutions for mobile devices. In the case of loss or theft of a device, this anti-theft device will help you retrieve your hardware as well as your valuable data. Snuko manages to differentiate itself from its competition in terms of both – functionality as well as affordability.