Posted by: snukoantitheft | February 15, 2011

Protect Your Stuff: Instances of Laptop Theft are on the Rise

In this day and age, almost everybody depends on a laptop or smartphone in one way or another. Many people are required to use laptops in conjunction with their jobs. Others depend on smartphones to stay connected to family and friends. Unfortunately, the increasing dependence on technology breeds higher crime and theft rates as well as greater consequences and effects. This article details the various instances of technology theft and how it has left a negative impact on victims.


  • Academic Technology Theft: Crime stoppers all over the world have been faced with the increasing instance of technology theft in the university and academic setting. Many instances have been reported at school libraries where students leave their materials unattended while searching for books and resources. Still other students have been victimized in their dorm rooms as thieves have made off with precious computers or phones during parties. The consequences of academically-related technology theft have been innumerable. Students have reported losing data and research-related work that can never be recovered.


  • Identity Theft: Identity theft is a consequence to smartphone or laptop theft that can wreak havoc upon someone’s credit rating for years to come. Unfortunately, the instances of identity theft as associated with technology theft are not limited to one certain setting or circumstance. The problem is rampant and growing rapidly. Never leave your technology unattended in any large, public area as you will leave yourself vulnerable to attack. Similarly, never conduct private financial or business transactions in large, public areas as many fraudsters cleverly recover your vital information over your shoulder.


  • Smartphone Theft in Mass Transit: A growing problem, as reported by many law enforcement agencies, involves the instance of gangs of criminals snatching smartphones, iPods and iPads on the subway or other mass transit setting. Namely, criminals target unsuspecting users because they are usually unaware of their surroundings and not paying attention, making it easier for a thief to grab your device, hand it off to another in the crowd, and out of sight before you even notice its missing. Always be aware when traveling to and from work, especially if you take the subway or metro.


  • Unexpected Theft: This article certainly doesn’t cover the gamut of laptop and smartphone theft situations and thieves are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to rob you of your invaluable technological devices. Reports surface daily of thefts from unlikely locations including the security line at the airport, churches, schools or during home invasions. Never let your guard down because at that moment a thief is likely to be lurking nearby hopeful he will get his hands on your items.


Snuko’s motto, “protecting your stuff,” is tantamount to the solution to the growing technology theft problem: safeguard your belongings to ensure their safe return should you find yourself a victim of theft. Snuko’s Version 2 software allows for all your data to be remotely backed-up and includes GSP and lock-out technology to help law enforcement with the safe return of your items. With theft of this sort happening with increasing frequency, you cannot afford not to protect your stuff!