Posted by: snukoantitheft | March 1, 2011

With Laptop Theft on the Rise, Snuko Best Solution for Potential Victims of Theft

Upon first visit of the website, visitors quickly learn the staggering statistic that 97% of stolen laptops are never recovered. If this figure seems incomprehensible, keep in mind that laptop loss is a growing problem, plaguing all aspects of society. In recent news, a man has been charged with nearly $8 million in laptop thefts upon the American military. The perpetrator cut a hole in a government warehouse roof, rappelled down two stories and made off with millions of dollars worth of government laptop property. The stolen items filled two semi-sized tractor trailers. Luckily, the laptops did not contain sensitive information. Not all victims of laptop theft are so lucky.

Many victims of laptop theft are distraught at the thought of their creative and unique data being stolen, as it can never be duplicated or reproduced. The theft of intellectual property is one of the most frustrating and alarming phenomenons facing law enforcement today. Gone are the days when the most serious damage to intellectual property is the theft of a painting or manuscript.  A vast majority of artists, musicians, students and composers keep all their data on laptops. For example, American rapper and deejay Grandmaster Flash recently found himself the victim of laptop theft and is offering a $1,000 cash reward for the safe return of his hardware. The hip-hop artist indicated via Twitter that he does not care how the laptop was taken or what the circumstances of the theft are, he would just like his computer returned.

In other news, a criminal being dubbed ‘the most stupid criminal ever,’ was nabbed after he stole a laptop and posted a picture of himself upon the true owner’s personal Facebook page.  To make matters worse, the thief also stole a winter coat and cash, both of which were featured in the illicit Facebook posting. Police were able to quickly apprehend the suspect, as they had a clear digital image of the perpetrator via his Facebook self-depiction. Not all victims recover as easily. Many stolen devices are never recovered and users are strongly encouraged to install software to protect them from the devastating effects of laptop theft.

Snuko, P.L.C., is a London-based company that leads the way in laptop security and anti-theft software. The latest version of its anti-theft technology ensures that subscribers need never worry over whether their precious data will be recovered in the event of a theft, as it is uploaded in real time to the Snuko servers, saved and protected in the event of a loss. The software allows for GPS tracking and lock-out technology so victims are protected in the utmost. Be sure to visit today for more information on how to make the safest decisions with regard to your laptop technology and how to improve the statistic suggesting 97% of laptops are never recovered.