Posted by: snukoantitheft | March 8, 2011

There’s an App for That! Latest Smartphone Apps Expose Users to Increased Risk of Identity Theft

By now, most people are familiar with the world of smartphones and their applications. Smartphone users can download an application to their phone which can help them in nearly every aspect of their daily lives. There are applications for locating the nearest bank, grocery store or fitness center. There are applications for checking sports scores, current events and celebrity gossip. In today’s world, many people use smartphones for banking and various financial tasks. By storing such sensitive information into a smartphone, users are risking a severe likelihood of devastating and irreparable identity theft should their smartphone become lost or stolen. Smartphone applications, or “apps,” are showing no sign of slowing down either. The latest applications, described below, are even greater reasons why users should always be sure to protect their phones from loss and to install Snuko’s breakthrough smartphone security software.

– IRS Tax App: The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has unveiled a new tax application whereby users can track the status of their tax returns. Users of this application must enter sensitive tax information as well as their email addresses and can thereafter track the status of their income tax refund checks.

– Mobile Trading: All mobile platforms offer users the option to download an application whereby they can trade stocks directly from a smartphone. This type of application, while handy for the fiscally-minded individual, requires the entry of private financial information. Imagine the devastation resulting from a stolen smartphone whereby the thief trades, buys and sells upon the phone.

– Mobile Billing: Tech-savvy business owners are now able to conduct billing and send invoices directly through their smartphones. This convenient application also runs the risk of significant damage to clientele and business relations should the phone land in the wrong hands.

– PayPal Application: Users of PayPal are able to transfer money between accounts and issue payments to other PayPal users. This application, as with many others, requires the entry of sensitive account information that can be easily compromised by the theft of a smartphone.

In summation, with the expanding growth of financially-based smartphone applications, users should be especially careful to protect their property and to never leave their phones unattended or vulnerable. The above-listed applications, among many others, require information that an identity thief could use to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting victim he stole from.