Posted by: snukoantitheft | March 10, 2011

Stop Mobile Device Thefts in Public Schools – Use Snuko!

Mobile and Laptop thefts have become the most common crimes in schools today, owing to which anti-theft devices have also becoming increasingly popular amongst our youth.

Laptops and mobile phones are easy to use, convenient, portable and carry all of our confidential information in them. This is probably one of the main reasons why school kids love to carry their mobile phones around with them. And this is also why thieves always have a field day at public schools.

Reports have shown that laptop and mobile phone thefts are on the rise in public schools. Most investigators and officers will tell you that most of their time is taken up in investigating stolen mobile phones and laptops from locker rooms, while the kids in question were attending their classes or had simply left their bags behind.

Most mobile devices are stolen in public schools because students tend to leave them lying around carelessly. And although it is the students’ responsibility to keep their mobile phones and laptops safe in school, these crimes seem to be still on the rise.

Yes, with today’s ever growing advancements in technology, laptops and mobile phones (especially Smartphone’s) are being used more and more by students on a daily basis. From public schools to private schools and colleges, students can no longer do without their mobile devices. Since these devices are free available for kids, they are becoming more and more popular by the day. What’s more, teachers have also started using laptops as a means to continue with lectures and classes. Owing to the sheer numbers of laptops and cell phones being used in schools today, it is very clear that challenges will arise from these numbers. As far as the theft of mobile devices is concerned, there is no real anti-theft measure that can be taken. Or is there?

Today, there are plenty of anti-theft software’s and solutions that can help prevent thieves from doing away with your mobile device and tapping into your confidential information. One such great tool is Snuko!

Snuko is a security solution for computers’ and mobile phones that helps to prevent loss or theft of crucial data. Focusing entirely on providing innovative security solutions, Snuko has operations all over Europe and the United States and helps to protect users from the loss or theft of Internet enabled devices as well as data. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to a corporate enterprise or whether you are an individual mobile phone or laptop user or even a school kid, what matters is that Snuko’s main aim is to provide you with a sophisticated, effective and user-friendly anti-theft device for your laptop and cell phone.

Snuko has also recognized the problem that arises from so many laptops and mobile phones doing the rounds in schools. In case of a theft at school, many challenges can arise. This is why Snuko has taken avid interest in teaching students about the importance of taking anti-theft measures for their mobile phones and laptops.

In an attempt to further security, Snuko has also begun offering anti-theft solutions to public schools in Northern Europe, in an attempt to distribute this solution to educational institutes across the globe. So, students who find themselves in need of an easy-to-use, multi-functional and affordable security solution should definitely check out Snuko’s anti-theft software!