Posted by: snukoantitheft | March 17, 2011

Laptop Anti-theft Software Increasingly Helpful to Law Enforcement

Snuko, Inc., an industry-leader in laptop and smartphone security and data recovery, specializes in helping victims of theft or loss to retain their personal files and information in the unfortunate event a thief steals their hardware. Snuko’s BlackBox technology imparts a variety of advanced technological features upon users, including GPS tracking, real-time data recovery, remote device lock-out and the ability to snap a photo of the thief with a laptop’s digital webcam.

This sort of anti-theft recovery software has been helping law enforcement solve laptop theft crimes much easier than ever before. Local law enforcement agencies across the nation have been using anti-theft technology to track home burglars having made off with the owner’s precious laptop or smartphone. Late last month, American hip-hop artist Lil’ Wayne was reunited with his laptop, as well as many other items stolen from his tour bus, when law enforcement was provided with the precise location of the hardware. Luckily, the laptop was equipped with GPS tracking technology, much like that employed by Snuko’s BlackBox product. The perpetrator was taken into custody within hours of his commission of the theft.

It is not uncommon for law enforcement to quickly recover a tracking device-enabled stolen laptop or smartphone much more quickly than would otherwise be possible. Anti-theft technology software enables law enforcement to begin investigation of the theft much sooner and with more efficiency than ever before. Those without anti-theft software are able to describe merely the perpetrator’s physical traits, the location of the theft and not much else. However, with anti-theft software enabled, police can bypass extensive questioning and locate the item remotely, thus expediting the process and reuniting victims with their stolen devices as quickly as possible.

Anti-theft software has been especially helpful in the schoolroom setting. Many students across the globe are fortunate to have laptops provided for their use while in the classroom. However, with easy access to expensive laptops comes an increased risk of theft. In one Canadian study, law enforcement placed public school institutions at the top of the list of places most likely to experience laptop theft. Luckily, many school districts are catching on to this alarming trend and are installing tracking software, much like Snuko’s BlackBox design, in an attempt to apprehend thieves within hours of the theft.

All in all, software designed to recover stolen laptops is invaluable to owners, whether the computers are used for personal use or in a large-scale school setting. Members of law enforcement charged with the job of relocating and hopefully recovering the items are especially grateful for the increased security. As only 3% of stolen laptops are ever recovered without the software, victims have a much higher chance of recovery if they have enabled tracking software. This bodes well for any laptop owner concerned about the safety and security of his device. With many laptops costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, laptop security software is an investment you cannot afford to forego.