Posted by: snukoantitheft | March 24, 2011

A Guide to looking after your BlackBerry

If you use your BlackBerry for business purposes, then you’d rather leave your home without your wallet or car keys than without it. But if someone steals your trusted BlackBerry, then the chances of seeing it again are slim.

As unfortunate as it may be to lose your BlackBerry, it is even worse when it is stolen! Most BlackBerry owners will tell you that the data that is contained in their phones is far more valuable than the actual device itself. There are however, plenty of ways to prevent your sensitive or business information from falling into the wrong hands if your BlackBerry goes missing.

Many of us keep confidential information on our BlackBerry’s. The last thing that any of us wants is this information falling into the wrong hands, should our Smartphone get lost or stolen. Yes, losing your BlackBerry can be extremely devastating. The very thought of going a day without your emails, text messages, the messengers and even Twitter can be highly distressing. However, the good news is that BlackBerry’s are very tough nuts to crack, especially if you take the right measures to protect your phone.

BlackBerry’s come with a huge set of security features that are built-in to the phones. But how do we use these features, and what exactly do they do? Your first step should be to protect the personal information on your phone.

  • Set a Password: By default, any unauthorized person would only get 3 tries to access your phone. If they don’t get it, the phone will automatically be wiped off its information. So, make sure your password is a very hard one to guess.
  • Use Content Protection to encrypt your Data: This can be enabled by going to Options, then Security Options and going to General Settings.

If your BlackBerry goes missing, then you should also contact your carrier immediately to disable your SIM card. If you have a corporate BlackBerry, then contact your IT team immediately. They will be able to remotely enable all the security features on your phone or wipe it clean.

There are however, a few more things that you can do besides password protecting your phone and notifying your carrier. Should you find yourself separated from your beloved Smartphone, then here are a few steps to take to prevent and prepare yourself for such a disastrous event:

  1. Back Up your BlackBerry: BlackBerry Protect is a program that can backup all your most important data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can either choose to allow the backups to occur over Wi-Fi or even while you are on roaming. So, if your BlackBerry is lost or stolen, you’ll still have your most important data on the device.
  2. Lock your BlackBerry: If by chance you lose your Blackberry and have not set a password on it, then you’re asking for trouble, as someone is definitely going to take advantage of this to access your information. With BlackBerry Protect, you can now lock your Smartphone remotely and set a password as well.
  3. Set your Ring Tone on Loud: Chances are that you’ve simply misplaced your BlackBerry, but if you’ve set it on silent mode, you’re never going to find it even if you’re sure its somewhere in the room with you. All you have to do is use the BlackBerry Protect web portal and set your ring tone to loud. So, even if your phone was on silent mode, it will be enabled to a loud and highly audible ring tone, thus helping you locate it.
  4. Find your BlackBerry: If your BlackBerry has been stolen, then you should log on to the BlackBerry Protect web portal to check out its location on a map. If your phone is anywhere outdoors, then you can find its location to within a few meters using the GPS device.
  5. Wipe your Phone Clean: If you’ve tried everything possible to recover your phone and have nearly given up, then all you have to do is wipe the device clean instead of letting someone else have access to your data. Using BlackBerry Protect, you can log on and perform a security wipe on the device, which will delete all your information.

By installing various security features like the BlackBerry Protect, you can keep your phone relatively safe. But what happens if you haven’t installed this feature and find that your phone has been stolen?

There are plenty of anti-theft devices available in the market today. Snuko is one such anti-theft device that can help prevent your BlackBerry from getting stolen. Snuko uses GPS or Wi-Fi and Cell Tower Triangulation to determine where your phone is located. This is so accurate that it can tell you where your phone is to within a few meters!

With Snuko, once you report that your phone has been stolen, it will automatically go into a lock down mode after your important data has been backed up. In this mode, your phone will be inaccessible to any thief. They will not be able to access your files on the phone or on the SIM card. What’s more, it will also keep updating the servers about the phones location and will keep recovering your data for you. If the thief tries to change the SIM card and use another one, you will instantly be notified about this along with the details of the SIM card number and new phone number.

With such security features like these, Snuko has become increasingly important to mobile phone users across the globe. So, if you really want to protect your BlackBerry, then Snuko is the way to go!