Posted by: snukoantitheft | March 24, 2011

Smartphone Usage Over Past 12 Months

Smartphone usage continues to rise as today’s phones are replete with features designed to provide convenience for users. Companies are designing new smartphone mobile applications almost daily and many people depend exclusively upon smartphones for banking, news feeds and social networking. As people continue to depend heavily upon the accessibility and utility of smartphones, safety concerns such as an increased vulnerability to identity theft continue to grow as well. As such, all smartphone users should be especially careful with their sensitive financial and personal information.

The wave of smartphone technology and mobile applications seems to continue steadily and shows no signs of slowing down. Statistics over the past year clearly indicate that smartphone ownership will likely grow as experts expect the majority of those with cellular phones to own a smartphone by the end of 2011. According to facts and figures from 2010, of the 1.6 billion cellular phones sold, 297 million of those were smartphones, an amount up 72.1% from 2009. Based upon these statistics, industry experts expect smartphones to become the number one selling consumer electronic device by the end of 2011.

Projected smartphone sales are very promising as well. For instance, researchers at Morgan Stanley estimate that sales of smartphones will likely surpass sales of personal computers by 2012. Another research company expects 2012 to see the sale of nearly 50 million smartphones as well as smartphone internet usage to increase 50-fold by 2015.

As sales continue to exponentially grow, consumers ought to be concerned about safety and security. In today’s smartphone world, a stolen smartphone could mean devastating effects for the owner as he likely has sensitive financial information stored upon the device. Many people prefer the convenience of saved passwords and usernames. Therefore, the minute a thief steals a smartphone, he could have instant access to your banking page, social networking sites, stock trading applications and all your contacts and phone records.

Snuko, P.L.C. provides subscribers with the perfect solution for any potential smartphone theft or compromise of identity. Snuko, provided on both the Blackberry and Android platform, recommends its anti-theft smartphone software. This software can geographically locate your stolen or missing smartphone within a few meters. Your data will be encrypted and all your contacts, call logs and applications will be backed up for easy retrieval despite the theft of your phone. Your phone will then be locked down so the fraudster will not have access to any of your applications and your SIM card will be quickly encrypted.

The constant advances in smartphone technology are as exciting as they are worrisome. Users are happy to embrace the latest mobile applications for anything from GPS assistance to restaurant locaters. However, users are also aware that dependence upon smartphones for financial banking and other personal transactions leaves them vulnerable to identity theft in the event their phone is stolen or lost. As such, smartphone users would be wise to install Snuko’s smartphone anti-theft products to continue to enjoy the growing smartphone trends worry-free.