Data security is of utmost importance for businesses as well as for home computer users. This is why all measures should be taken to ensure that your laptop is not lost or stolen.

Data security is very important to businesses and even personal computer users across the world. Confidential data from payment information, client information and bank account details to personal files and documents should be stored safely. Should this information be lost or fall into the hands of an unauthorized user, it can be very hard to replace and can be potentially dangerous to your business. Laptops and data that is lost due to natural disasters like in a flood or in a fire, is in itself very debilitating for a business. But losing your laptop or data to a thief, hacker or malware infection can have much more serious consequences.

And this is why anti-theft measures and software’s have become so important today. What with the increase in the number of laptop and mobile thefts taking place, it is not enough to just back up your confidential data. Security measures need to be taken to prevent confidential data from falling into the wrong hands. If in case you find your mobile phone or laptop is missing, and you suspect that it has been stolen, never take the situation lightly. You never know what a thief could do with your information.

Effective data security starts with keeping an overall risk assessment strategy in place. This enables you to first identify the most common risks you will face, and what would most likely happen to your valuable data if it is stolen or lost. Other potential threats include:

  1. Physical threats: Power outages, fires, theft, or purposeful damage.
  2. Human error: Unintended deletion of data, mistaken processing of data, etc.
  3. Corporate Espionage, etc.

By identifying the areas of vulnerability, you can then develop anti-theft strategies or strategies to help secure your data. Once your plan is in place, your next step should be to develop a data security system and to put this into action. A powerful combination of physical security, technical measures and well educated personnel can help. Also, you could implement a few well-defined policies into your infrastructure and introduce these to your staff.

Here are a few more things you can do to secure your data and prevent theft:

  • Protect your office with monitoring systems and alarms.
  • Keep your laptop or computers out of public view.
  • Bring about restrictions as far as Internet access is concerned.
  • Always keep your anti-malware solutions updated.
  • Always ensure that your Operating System is up to date.
  • Fight hackers with intrusion detection technology.
  • Utilize backup energy sources.

However, in spite of taking all these security measures, what if your laptop still gets stolen? How will you find a way to prevent the thief from accessing your information but at the same time retrieve this information and store it to another computer? There is in fact a way, and it is a highly effective anti-theft software by the name of Snuko!

Here’s what Snuko can do for you in the event of a theft:

  • See who your Thief is: With the Snuko software, you will now be able to see pictures and videos of the person using your computer. Snuko takes snapshots of the desktop so that you can see what the thief has been trying to access on your machine.
  • Locate your Laptop: Using GeoLocation and Wi-Fi Triangulation, Snuko can tell you where exactly your laptop is located (within 10 to 20 meters!). You can then notify authorities who will recover your device for you.
  • Lock Down your Machine: Once you report that your laptop is stolen, it will immediately go into lock down mode. While in this mode, the thief will not be able to access your machine, your operating systems or any files on the device. What’s more, the software will keep sending the servers updates as to the location of the laptop.
  • Data Recovery: Once you report that your laptop is stolen, Snuko will start encrypting all your most important files and back them up so that no one else can access them.

With such features, it has become extremely important for businesses to purchase such effective anti-theft software’s such as Snuko.

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Protecting your Android Phone with the best Security Applications

With Android Smartphone’s becoming all the more popular, it is very important to keep your handset safe with the best security applications in the market.

Your computer is an investment – and an expensive one at that – and so you regularly need to back up data to prevent any loss of or theft of confidential information. Your car is also an investment and so you might install any anti-theft software like LoJack to help recover it in case of a theft. If you take all the necessary steps to protect your car and your computer, then why not protect your Android Smartphone as well? Since your phone is probably the most used device, whether you know it or not, you will end up carrying a lot of sensitive information on your phone. So, if your phone gets stolen or if you lose it, then all this information will not be as personal anymore. Just like your computer and your car, your phone is also an investment. So, it is very important to safeguard your text, photos, contacts and videos.

Even if you do take care of your phone and never lose it, there are certain applications that you can download. However, it is important to note that although most anti-theft applications claim to be a 100% effective, not all of them are as honest as you think they are.

Fortunately, the Smartphone market, especially the Android based phones, offer a great range of security options. Here are a few applications that will help secure your Android phone:

  • Lookout Mobile Security: A great application, the Lookout mobile security application is great for Android phones. A free account will allow you to scan your phone for malware, and will help you backup and restore your data online. It will also use GPS to help you locate your phone.
  • Norton Mobile Security Beta: Smartphone’s contain a lot of sensitive data, from text messages to credit card numbers. So, if your phone is stolen, there are chances that your identity might also get stolen. The Norton mobile security app will help you remotely lock your phone and wipe it clean. You can now lock the SIM card so that a phone thief won’t be able to sell or swap your phone with someone else. You can even block calls, text messages and scan your phone.
  • WaveSecure Mobile Security: WaveSecure comes replete with a number of features, like the option lock down and wipe your phone remotely, the option to backup your phone and restore information, and a thief will not be able to uninstall the program without typing in a password.

Apart from these, the Snuko anti-theft device is probably the most powerful and effective security measure available in the industry. Meant for computers and mobile phones, you can now use the Snuko anti-theft device for your Android Smartphone.

The Snuko features include:

  1. Geo-location: With this feature, you will now be able to track your phone down to within just a few metres.
  2. Data Encryption: You can now secure your contacts and any other important information so that no thief or unauthorized person can view them.
  3. Data Capture: You can now backup all your important documents even after your phone is stolen or lost.
  4. SIM Card Data Capture: You can now view the phone number and SIM card details of any unauthorized SIM cards that may be inserted in your phone.
  5. Phone Lock Down: Once you receive all the essential data from your phone, you can now lock it down so that no one else can use it.

What with these features at your disposal, it is very important to protect your Android phone with Snuko.

Upon first visit of the website, visitors quickly learn the staggering statistic that 97% of stolen laptops are never recovered. If this figure seems incomprehensible, keep in mind that laptop loss is a growing problem, plaguing all aspects of society. In recent news, a man has been charged with nearly $8 million in laptop thefts upon the American military. The perpetrator cut a hole in a government warehouse roof, rappelled down two stories and made off with millions of dollars worth of government laptop property. The stolen items filled two semi-sized tractor trailers. Luckily, the laptops did not contain sensitive information. Not all victims of laptop theft are so lucky.

Many victims of laptop theft are distraught at the thought of their creative and unique data being stolen, as it can never be duplicated or reproduced. The theft of intellectual property is one of the most frustrating and alarming phenomenons facing law enforcement today. Gone are the days when the most serious damage to intellectual property is the theft of a painting or manuscript.  A vast majority of artists, musicians, students and composers keep all their data on laptops. For example, American rapper and deejay Grandmaster Flash recently found himself the victim of laptop theft and is offering a $1,000 cash reward for the safe return of his hardware. The hip-hop artist indicated via Twitter that he does not care how the laptop was taken or what the circumstances of the theft are, he would just like his computer returned.

In other news, a criminal being dubbed ‘the most stupid criminal ever,’ was nabbed after he stole a laptop and posted a picture of himself upon the true owner’s personal Facebook page.  To make matters worse, the thief also stole a winter coat and cash, both of which were featured in the illicit Facebook posting. Police were able to quickly apprehend the suspect, as they had a clear digital image of the perpetrator via his Facebook self-depiction. Not all victims recover as easily. Many stolen devices are never recovered and users are strongly encouraged to install software to protect them from the devastating effects of laptop theft.

Snuko, P.L.C., is a London-based company that leads the way in laptop security and anti-theft software. The latest version of its anti-theft technology ensures that subscribers need never worry over whether their precious data will be recovered in the event of a theft, as it is uploaded in real time to the Snuko servers, saved and protected in the event of a loss. The software allows for GPS tracking and lock-out technology so victims are protected in the utmost. Be sure to visit today for more information on how to make the safest decisions with regard to your laptop technology and how to improve the statistic suggesting 97% of laptops are never recovered.


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Snuko Technology Continues to Expand Into Android Security Market

The ever-expanding Snuko, P.L.C.  recently announced its latest development in increasing security for Android smartphone users. Snuko, a specialist in laptop and smartphone security, has devoted itself to helping users protect themselves from theft and loss. It also recognizes the utility of proactively protecting technology, making it easier to recover the items in the event of theft or inadvertent loss. Today, nearly twenty-five percent of the smartphone market operates on the Android platform, powered by Google. Cellular phone giants Sony, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Dell and LG have all manufactured smartphones relying upon the Android platform.

Based upon the rapid growth and popularity of the Android platform, Snuko foresaw the great possibility for success in marketing a security product aimed at Android smartphone users. Luckily, Snuko will be releasing a Beta-version Android-based security download to be used by any Android smartphone user interested in protecting their phone in the event of theft. The security will enable Snuko to remotely block out the operating system, rendering the phone useless to thieves. In addition, the company will be able to remotely locate the item in order to assist law enforcement in the recovery of an Android phone. With the average smartphone retail value reaching nearly $313 American dollars, this is security we cannot afford to forego.

Carlos Benvenuti, Snuko CEO, is ecstatic about this ‘milestone’ and remarks the following: “This release has been one of our major milestones and we are very pleased to be able to deliver what we have promised to our shareholders, partners and customers. The release of our Snuko mobile Security for Android phones is only the first in several supported mobile platforms to come in the near future.”

Snuko’s forthcoming software promises many invaluable and technologically-forward features. For example, the software allows users to send a request to Snuko for it to remotely locate the geographical positioning of the device. It will remotely encrypt personal data stored on the phone as well as wipe the call logs from the phone to protect the privacy of the owner. Interestingly, Android users who have installed the Snuko software will be alerted when the fraudster installs a new SIM card and can even relay the new telephone number associated with the SIM card to the old owner. Probably the most helpful tool is the feature which allows Snuko to remotely lock out the phone and display a clear message to the finder or thief as to how and where to return the phone.

Be sure to visit for the latest information as to the latest smartphone technology. As reports of technology theft are on the rise, Android users cannot afford to miss this opportunity!


As much as we hate it, many situations arise in which we sometimes feel extremely helpless and don’t know who to and where to go for help. This especially is the case when your mobile phone or laptop gets stolen. Then what do you?

There are many situations that crop up every now and then and are unpleasant to say the least. Many times, we find ourselves stuck in situations where we feel absolutely and utterly helpless, and we don’t know who to go to or where to go for help. Finding out that your mobile phone or laptop is lost or stolen can be one of these situations.

Has your cell phone or laptop ever gone missing? If it has and you didn’t know what to do, then read more to find out how you should go about handling such a situation and how Snuko’s anti-theft software can help you.

A missing or stolen mobile device like a cell phone or a laptop will always be a big problem; bigger still if you don’t take any immediate action. Filling a missing report with the valid government agencies and the mobile device service carrier are a few steps that you could take. However, none of these steps can guarantee that you will retrieve your stolen or missing device back and along with it all that precious, confidential information that you stored in it.

And this is where anti-theft devices come into play!

When the Snuko anti-theft software was first introduced on to the scene, it was looked upon as quite a cause for excitement. This radical software has managed to beat all the conventional methods of tracking stolen devices, by combining Internet-based technologies with real-time monitoring and online tracking of lost mobile devices.

With the Snuko anti-theft device, you can now give thieves a very hard time. What’s more, if you lose your phone or laptop and it is found by an honest person, he or she can now return it in an easy and hassle-free way. But with so much information about Snuko doing its rounds, there really isn’t much about how you should actually use Snuko. So, how does one use Snuko? Here are a few steps as to how Snuko works:

  1. Once your laptop or mobile phone is lost or stolen, get started by reporting it as missing on the Snuko website.
  2. The computer gets connected to the Internet by the unauthorized user, and from here on Snuko will continue spying on the user silently.
  3. You, the owner will then be notified and will be able to log into your Snuko back office. Your data will be silently collected.
  4. You will then be notified whether you can view the essential data in the Snuko back office. You can also download this important data to a separate computer or phone if you wish to.
  5. You will also be shown the location of your laptop or mobile phone.
  6. You will be shown various pictures of the unauthorized user from desktop images.
  7. You will be able to download a PDF with all the necessary information and then send it to your insurance company as well as the police.
  8. Your device will finally be retrieved! You will be contacted by the local police and notified about your device, which can then be collected from the police station.

Ten years ago, only a few people used anti-theft software’s. But today, most individuals and companies cannot live without it. It has become an essential commodity! With Snuko, you now have a reasonably priced and trusted anti-theft device at your disposal!

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Why you should Opt for Snuko over other Anti-Theft Security Devices?

Snuko is one of the biggest and most effective providers for security solutions in the world today. Here is why you should opt for Snuko over all the other anti-theft security providers.

Today, we live in a world of virtual reality. It makes sense to say that none of us can live without our computers and mobiles and other gadgets. With mobile devices becoming more and more essential to survive with, people have started storing more and more confidential data and information on their mobile devices. In most cases, it is the information that happens to be more important than the computer or mobile itself. So, what happens if your mobile or laptop gets stolen or is lost? Wouldn’t it be terrible to know that an unauthorized user has complete access to your information? Taking all of this in mind, Snuko and other anti-theft devices were developed.

But with so many anti-theft devices such as Snuko being developed and released into the market on a regular basis, it becomes extremely difficult to choose the right one for your device. So, why would you choose Snuko over all the other anti-theft devices available in the market?

Snuko consists of a number of essential anti-theft features that many other devices do not contain. It takes pictures and videos of the person using your device; it takes snapshots of the desktop to show you what the unauthorized user is doing with your device, it helps you track down your stolen laptop or mobile, and it uses Wi-Fi and triangulation to identify the location of the device. Another great feature that sets Snuko apart from all other anti-theft software’s is that it has the ability to encrypt all your important files so that they can remain safe. These files will also be backed up by the Mozy Online backup system. Yes Snuko is preferable for a number of reasons, which are:

  • Snuko provides security solutions to laptop, computer and mobile phone users across the world. In case your mobile device is lost or stolen, Snuko will help you retrieve both the hardware as well as the important information on the device.
  • Snuko is different from its competition in terms of functionality and pricing. While most of the competitors provide the same functions for niche markets, Snuko provides a full-service solution for a price that is made for a mass market, making it very affordable for any mobile device user.
  • Snuko offers a white label solution for partners, allowing them to penetrate the market at a much faster rate by leveraging the sales through the existing customers and by building on their brand name.
  • Snuko is a small company that can adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market; more so than larger competitors. New features and applications are developed at a faster pace.
  • Snuko’s pricing strategy is based entirely on subscription, and this means recurring revenue and ensures a stable and predictable revenue stream.
  • Piracy of the software is next to impossible as all the Snuko license keys are created by using random algorithms. This way, the revenue flow will stay within Snuko and not be spread out through illegal downloads.

When compared to most of the other anti-theft tools out there, Snuko stands apart because of its extensive security features for all kinds of mobile devices. So, go ahead and install Snuko on your laptop, notebook, SmartPhone or the latest Android Phone!

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Ways to Secure your Smartphone

With Smartphone’s becoming more and more popular, people all across the world – the young as well as the old – are vying to buy the latest version. If you belong to this category, then give some thought to the safety of your phone.

What with the steady increase in the popularity of Smartphone’s across the globe, there has also been observed an almost definite rise in the number of security issues regarding these phones. Smartphone’s are like a mini-laptop – they have the same ability to contain data, which can be accessed through email, a cloud-based web application or any internal as well as external memory storage.

The Android-based Smartphone’s in particular contribute towards the majority of Smartphone sales across the world. Backed by Google, this particular platform is being used by most of the major mobile phone manufacturers today. From Samsung and Motorola to Sony Ericsson, HTC, LG and Dell, all the major brands are using this fast growing mobile phone platform today. In 2010, the Android platform was found to capture at least 25% of the Smartphone market across the world. What’s more, it is expected to grow twice as much this year and will surpass all other competitors in the market.

Undeniably, Smartphone’s are extremely valuable and if you own one of these priceless contraptions, it is very important to first consider what would happen if your phone fell into the wrong hands. Here are a few anti-theft measures that you can take to secure your Smartphone:

  1. Password protection: Set up a password protection feature on your phone. Check in your phones security setting and turn it on. If the option is not available on your phone, then check it up online and see if you can enable this on your phone. If you password protect your computer, then why not your mobile device?
  2. Remote wipe your phone’s data: Once you are done securing your phone with a password, then you should further protect the data on your phone with a remote wipe. This will basically wipe off all the data stored on your phone and will restore it to factory settings. This should only be done unless you are sure your phone has been stolen.
  3. Never save Sensitive Data: If you use your mobile phone to access your bank account or conduct online transactions, then never set your phone to auto-remember passwords. If your phone is picked up by the wrong person, he or she will not be able to access your account easily.
  4. Be Careful with what you Click on: Like computers, Smartphone’s can also be affected by viruses, malware and phishing scams. So, if you receive any suspicious SMS’ or emails, do not click on any links. You don’t want anyone to steal your passwords and other important information.
  5. Don’t just install anything: If you are downloading or installing a new application, make sure it comes from a trusted source. What with the thousands of applications and games that are available to extend your Smartphone’s functionality, you may be tempted to install just about anything. Refrain yourself.

These few tips should help keep your Smartphone safe. But only to an extent. What do you do once your phone is stolen? The chances of you retrieving it are very slight. So, does an anti-theft software like Snuko ring a bell? Snuko is one of the most effective mobile device software that helps in the case of a stolen or lost mobile device.

Right from the start, Snuko has realized that Android would become one of the fastest growing mobile phone platforms in the world. Based on thorough research and accurate analysis, Snuko began to develop a software for the Android platform.

With Snuko’s mobile security for Smartphone’s, you now have access to many security functionalities like:

  • GPS and cell based phone tracking.
  • Remote encrypting of files on the phone and SIM card.
  • Wipe and saving of all call logs.
  • Data recovery.
  • Alerts in case of SIM change.
  • Locks phone down and displays message.
  • Tamper-proof.

With such security features at your doorstep, what are you waiting for? Get Snuko today!

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Prevent Cell Phone Theft with Snuko!

Thieves love cell phones for a number of reasons – they are small and once stolen, it is very hard to find them again. Find out how Snuko can help you if your cell phone is stolen.

Cell phones are indeed hot stuff for thieves, as they are small and incredibly easy to steal. The newer and more expensive the phone, the more in demand it is with the thieves. Of course, common sense says that it is very important to take care of your phone, but what if in spite of all the precautionary measures taken, your phone still gets stolen by an especially crafty thief? Then what do you do? In case your cell phone gets stolen, there are many steps that you should take:

  1. Your first step should be to call your service provider and inform them about the recent theft so that they can block anyone from using your number and phone.
  2. You could even go as far as informing the local police and tell them your device model, IMEI number and other intricate details like the place and time when it was stolen.

However, all of these steps can be avoided if you just install a good anti-theft software on your cell phone! The Snuko anti-theft software in particular is considered to be one of the best software’s to track your lost or stolen cell phone. It is very safe, secure and easy to use, making it even more special. Here is what it can do for you:

  • Track your Cell Phone through GPS: Using GPS, Wi-Fi or cell tower triangulation, the Snuko anti-theft software can track your cell phone so accurately that it can even give you a location to within a few meters of where your phone is present!
  • Lock down your Phone: Once you report that your cell phone has been lost or stolen, the Snuko anti-theft software kicks in. It will help by going into lock down mode. When in this mode, nobody will be able to access your phone. No thief will be able to access any of your files on your phone or on your SIM card, and what’s more, the software will keep sending updates to the Snuko servers with regards to its locations and any relevant data when it has an available connection.
  • Recover your Confidential Data: Once you report that your phone has been stolen, Snuko will begin by securely encrypting all the most important files on your phone and will then back them up so as not to allow them to be accessed by anyone else but you. Once your cell phone is recovered, Snuko enables you to retrieve this important data.
  • Notify you about any SIM changes: If the thief tries to change your SIM card, you will immediately be notified about the change and will also be able to view all the details with regards to the new phone number and SIM card number that is being used.

After all, what are your chances of getting your stolen phone back? If you think that you don’t have a chance, then think again! With the Snuko anti-theft software, you now have a very good chance of getting your phone back and catching the thief!

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Protect Your Stuff: Instances of Laptop Theft are on the Rise

In this day and age, almost everybody depends on a laptop or smartphone in one way or another. Many people are required to use laptops in conjunction with their jobs. Others depend on smartphones to stay connected to family and friends. Unfortunately, the increasing dependence on technology breeds higher crime and theft rates as well as greater consequences and effects. This article details the various instances of technology theft and how it has left a negative impact on victims.


  • Academic Technology Theft: Crime stoppers all over the world have been faced with the increasing instance of technology theft in the university and academic setting. Many instances have been reported at school libraries where students leave their materials unattended while searching for books and resources. Still other students have been victimized in their dorm rooms as thieves have made off with precious computers or phones during parties. The consequences of academically-related technology theft have been innumerable. Students have reported losing data and research-related work that can never be recovered.


  • Identity Theft: Identity theft is a consequence to smartphone or laptop theft that can wreak havoc upon someone’s credit rating for years to come. Unfortunately, the instances of identity theft as associated with technology theft are not limited to one certain setting or circumstance. The problem is rampant and growing rapidly. Never leave your technology unattended in any large, public area as you will leave yourself vulnerable to attack. Similarly, never conduct private financial or business transactions in large, public areas as many fraudsters cleverly recover your vital information over your shoulder.


  • Smartphone Theft in Mass Transit: A growing problem, as reported by many law enforcement agencies, involves the instance of gangs of criminals snatching smartphones, iPods and iPads on the subway or other mass transit setting. Namely, criminals target unsuspecting users because they are usually unaware of their surroundings and not paying attention, making it easier for a thief to grab your device, hand it off to another in the crowd, and out of sight before you even notice its missing. Always be aware when traveling to and from work, especially if you take the subway or metro.


  • Unexpected Theft: This article certainly doesn’t cover the gamut of laptop and smartphone theft situations and thieves are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to rob you of your invaluable technological devices. Reports surface daily of thefts from unlikely locations including the security line at the airport, churches, schools or during home invasions. Never let your guard down because at that moment a thief is likely to be lurking nearby hopeful he will get his hands on your items.


Snuko’s motto, “protecting your stuff,” is tantamount to the solution to the growing technology theft problem: safeguard your belongings to ensure their safe return should you find yourself a victim of theft. Snuko’s Version 2 software allows for all your data to be remotely backed-up and includes GSP and lock-out technology to help law enforcement with the safe return of your items. With theft of this sort happening with increasing frequency, you cannot afford not to protect your stuff!


With Snuko, P.L.C.’s ever-expanding global presence in the world of laptop security and anti-theft technology, it should serve as no surprise that the corporation is set to appear at the preeminent event featuring the latest in technology and mobile solutions. The World Mobile Congress, set in Barcelona, Spain this year, is an event which showcases the latest advancements in all aspects of mobile technology from the newest mobile applications to the most cutting-edge designs in mobile phones and devices.

The website for this year’s Congress,, boasts some impressive facts and statistics relevant to the mobile world. Namely, the Mobile World Congress easily attracts the largest number of attendees of any mobile conference in the world. In 2010, 49,000 people attended the event and nearly half of those in attendance held a Director or VP job title. Nearly 2,400 members of the global press were on site to cover the event and 192 countries were represented. Any corporation or company would be foolish to miss the Mobile World Congress as it is a surefire way to gain exposure within the global mobile community.

The event, which spans four days, features extensive seminars, exhibits and conferences relevant to the expanding mobile community. For instance, attendees are free to sit in on seminars such as ‘Mobile Energy Efficiency’ or ‘Mobile Advertising.’ In addition, breakthrough industries such as Mobile Health and Mobile Money are on-site to detail the latest advancements in the various mobile markets. Various seminars detail how widespread use of mobile technology within the healthcare realm can help to cut costs while increasing accessibility to patient records and data.

Industry-leader Krussell, and partner of Snuko, U.K., will be on-site marketing its line of laptop and mobile phone bags and carrying cases. As a result of the partnership, Krussell will be eagerly informing visitors about Snuko’s unparalleled laptop security software and every customer purchasing a bag or case will be offered a version of the software. C.E.O. of Snuko, Carlos Benvenuti remarked that exposure at the World Mobile Congress is “yet another milestone” and “we are very pleased to see that customers buying Krusell products throughout the world will now also be given the opportunity to download a free version of the Snuko Anti Theft and Data Recovery software to their electronic device. This is one of our many ways of marketing our products and services where the retail market will be made aware of the Snuko brand….”

For more information, feel free to visit the Krussell stand at the World Mobile Congress this week! They are located at Stand 7E68, Hall 7, App Planet.


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