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Overview of the Android Operating System

Android refers to the fastest growing mobile operating system available in today’s smartphone market. Purchased by Google in 2005, Android consists of thousands of applications which are designed by hundreds of developers. The Android platform offers applications created both by Google as well as third party contributors. Android’s success in the 3G and 4G smartphone market makes it the world’s best-selling smartphone platform and has garnered immense popularity due to its direct taking on of Apple in the application market and its unique usability and compatibility across multiple smartphone manufacturers.

Android, Inc. was founded in 2003 under a veil of secrecy. In the early years of development, the company admitted only to working on software for mobile phone devices. In reality, founders of Android, Inc. were hoping to develop smarter mobile phone devices more aware of users’ preferences and location. In August 2005, Android, Inc. was acquired by Google as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the search engine giant. The initial pairing of Google and Android left little but speculation. It was widely circulated that Google intended to enter the mobile phone market but details were vague. In 2007, Google filed patent applications for handset models. From there, the Open Handset Alliance was unveiled which consisted of nearly one dozen handset manufacturers. The Alliance sought to develop open, compatible standards across the mobile handset market. From there, Android was unveiled in November 2007.

Android consists of many unique features and specifications making it user friendly and preferable amount smartphone enthusiasts. The platform is very adaptable to larger icons and graphics, including three-dimensional (3D) viewing. SMS and MMS messaging are available in a “threaded” format similar to the Apple iPhone. Its web browser scored a 93/100 in performance. Applications for the Android platform are available in the Android Market, an application store powered by Google. By the end of 2010, nearly 200,000 applications were available from the Android Market and application downloads had reached numbers in the billions.

Android continues to climb sales charts and is slated to continue its successful reign as the number one mobile smartphone platform. As of February 2011, Android boasts 350,000 activations per day.  Android applications are available in 32 countries across the globe. Android owns approximately 31.2% of the U.S. mobile subscriber market. Many attribute Android’s rapid success to its availability across dozens of mobile phone manufacturers as opposed to Blackberry and iPhone which are only available on Blackberry and Apple products, respectively.

Android is on top of the mobile phone game and shows no signs of slowing down. Its rapid ascension to its current position as the leading smartphone platform is undoubtedly due to its accessibility, user friendliness and unique features. Android is the newest contender on the smartphone market but its ability to tune into users’ preferences and location make it the most popular mobile phone platform available today.


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Overview of Blackberry

The Blackberry is a handheld, wireless communication device that emerged on to the market in 1999. In this article, we will discuss the features of a blackberry phone and why it is so popular today.

The Blackberry is a handheld communications device and a favourite amongst gadget freaks. It first emerged on to the market in 1999, at the time of which it solely functioned as a two-way pager. But by 2002, a lot of improvisations were made and the new Blackberry came replete with email, text messaging features, web browsing, Internet faxing functionalities and voice communication features as well.

If you’ve always been looking for a way to permanently access your emails, even when you’re on the go, then the Blackberry phones can turn your dreams into reality. The Blackberry is the same size as a PDA and has a mini keyboard that allows you to reply to emails on your phone.

But how does the Blackberry work? Connected to a specific cell phone operator (Cingular, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel and Verizon), the Blackberry terminal regularly access the users email server. So, when a new email arrives in the inbox, the terminal taps into it. The user will then be able to read the mail and reply. Since Blackberry is all about innovation, the very fact that the emails are synchronized with the messaging server in real time makes it extremely special. It also supports GPRS, GSM and UMTS facilities.

Initially, the Blackberry services were solely dedicated for business purposes and for companies. But today, individuals from all walks of life have started using these devices. Yes, the devices were very popular with the businesses, as they were primarily used as an email delivery system for executives on the go. Integrating a Blackberry phone into your company requires the installation of the Blackberry Enterprise Server. However, what with its popularity growing, there are some companies that have now started prohibiting the use of Blackberry’s at work.

Many security experts have spoken about their fears with regards to communication being intercepted. However RIM, the editor of Blackberry, has said that all traffic is encrypted right from the start to the end by the Blackberry servers. In fact, the Blackberry has the same level of security that a traditional VPN would have when configured correctly. The Blackberry not only provides users with the means to communicate, but also gives them the freedom and control that a normal phone doesn’t offer. Today, more and more professionals need to travel while working and are required to be permanently connected to their companies. The Blackberry solves all these problems.

Most of the Blackberry devices come with a full QWERTY keyboard, which makes it easier to key in and send emails and text messages.

Some of the Blackberry models that have been launched are:

  • The Blackberry 8800 Series
  • The Blackberry Tour
  • The Blackberry Storm
  • The Blackberry Pearl Flip
  • The Blackberry Pearl
  • The Blackberry Curve 8900
  • The Blackberry Curve 8500
  • The Blackberry Curve 8300
  • The Blackberry Bold
  • The Blackberry Torch
  • The Blackberry Curve 3G

Today, there are more 5.5 million Blackberry users across the globe, out of which nearly 3 million users are from the United States. With its usual PDA applications like the calendar, address book, to-do lists, etc, the Blackberry also offers a wide range of games, themes, ring tones and other useful applications.

Owing to its enormous popularity, the Blackberry has also given rise to a whole new market of crime and theft. Many mobile phone thieves today are getting smarter and are not only stealing mobile phones for the value of the actual device, but for the confidential information stored in them. Since Blackberry’s are more often than not used by businesses, they tend to contain important data about clients, account numbers, social security numbers, etc. that you wouldn’t want anybody else to access. This is why using effective anti-theft measures to protect your Blackberry phone is a must.

Today, there are many effective anti-theft software’s like Snuko that are adept at tracking down your stolen mobile, backing up the data, remotely wiping it clean and locking it to prevent any unauthorized usage of your phone. So, protect your Blackberry.

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Smartphone Usage Over Past 12 Months

Smartphone usage continues to rise as today’s phones are replete with features designed to provide convenience for users. Companies are designing new smartphone mobile applications almost daily and many people depend exclusively upon smartphones for banking, news feeds and social networking. As people continue to depend heavily upon the accessibility and utility of smartphones, safety concerns such as an increased vulnerability to identity theft continue to grow as well. As such, all smartphone users should be especially careful with their sensitive financial and personal information.

The wave of smartphone technology and mobile applications seems to continue steadily and shows no signs of slowing down. Statistics over the past year clearly indicate that smartphone ownership will likely grow as experts expect the majority of those with cellular phones to own a smartphone by the end of 2011. According to facts and figures from 2010, of the 1.6 billion cellular phones sold, 297 million of those were smartphones, an amount up 72.1% from 2009. Based upon these statistics, industry experts expect smartphones to become the number one selling consumer electronic device by the end of 2011.

Projected smartphone sales are very promising as well. For instance, researchers at Morgan Stanley estimate that sales of smartphones will likely surpass sales of personal computers by 2012. Another research company expects 2012 to see the sale of nearly 50 million smartphones as well as smartphone internet usage to increase 50-fold by 2015.

As sales continue to exponentially grow, consumers ought to be concerned about safety and security. In today’s smartphone world, a stolen smartphone could mean devastating effects for the owner as he likely has sensitive financial information stored upon the device. Many people prefer the convenience of saved passwords and usernames. Therefore, the minute a thief steals a smartphone, he could have instant access to your banking page, social networking sites, stock trading applications and all your contacts and phone records.

Snuko, P.L.C. provides subscribers with the perfect solution for any potential smartphone theft or compromise of identity. Snuko, provided on both the Blackberry and Android platform, recommends its anti-theft smartphone software. This software can geographically locate your stolen or missing smartphone within a few meters. Your data will be encrypted and all your contacts, call logs and applications will be backed up for easy retrieval despite the theft of your phone. Your phone will then be locked down so the fraudster will not have access to any of your applications and your SIM card will be quickly encrypted.

The constant advances in smartphone technology are as exciting as they are worrisome. Users are happy to embrace the latest mobile applications for anything from GPS assistance to restaurant locaters. However, users are also aware that dependence upon smartphones for financial banking and other personal transactions leaves them vulnerable to identity theft in the event their phone is stolen or lost. As such, smartphone users would be wise to install Snuko’s smartphone anti-theft products to continue to enjoy the growing smartphone trends worry-free.


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A Guide to looking after your BlackBerry

If you use your BlackBerry for business purposes, then you’d rather leave your home without your wallet or car keys than without it. But if someone steals your trusted BlackBerry, then the chances of seeing it again are slim.

As unfortunate as it may be to lose your BlackBerry, it is even worse when it is stolen! Most BlackBerry owners will tell you that the data that is contained in their phones is far more valuable than the actual device itself. There are however, plenty of ways to prevent your sensitive or business information from falling into the wrong hands if your BlackBerry goes missing.

Many of us keep confidential information on our BlackBerry’s. The last thing that any of us wants is this information falling into the wrong hands, should our Smartphone get lost or stolen. Yes, losing your BlackBerry can be extremely devastating. The very thought of going a day without your emails, text messages, the messengers and even Twitter can be highly distressing. However, the good news is that BlackBerry’s are very tough nuts to crack, especially if you take the right measures to protect your phone.

BlackBerry’s come with a huge set of security features that are built-in to the phones. But how do we use these features, and what exactly do they do? Your first step should be to protect the personal information on your phone.

  • Set a Password: By default, any unauthorized person would only get 3 tries to access your phone. If they don’t get it, the phone will automatically be wiped off its information. So, make sure your password is a very hard one to guess.
  • Use Content Protection to encrypt your Data: This can be enabled by going to Options, then Security Options and going to General Settings.

If your BlackBerry goes missing, then you should also contact your carrier immediately to disable your SIM card. If you have a corporate BlackBerry, then contact your IT team immediately. They will be able to remotely enable all the security features on your phone or wipe it clean.

There are however, a few more things that you can do besides password protecting your phone and notifying your carrier. Should you find yourself separated from your beloved Smartphone, then here are a few steps to take to prevent and prepare yourself for such a disastrous event:

  1. Back Up your BlackBerry: BlackBerry Protect is a program that can backup all your most important data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can either choose to allow the backups to occur over Wi-Fi or even while you are on roaming. So, if your BlackBerry is lost or stolen, you’ll still have your most important data on the device.
  2. Lock your BlackBerry: If by chance you lose your Blackberry and have not set a password on it, then you’re asking for trouble, as someone is definitely going to take advantage of this to access your information. With BlackBerry Protect, you can now lock your Smartphone remotely and set a password as well.
  3. Set your Ring Tone on Loud: Chances are that you’ve simply misplaced your BlackBerry, but if you’ve set it on silent mode, you’re never going to find it even if you’re sure its somewhere in the room with you. All you have to do is use the BlackBerry Protect web portal and set your ring tone to loud. So, even if your phone was on silent mode, it will be enabled to a loud and highly audible ring tone, thus helping you locate it.
  4. Find your BlackBerry: If your BlackBerry has been stolen, then you should log on to the BlackBerry Protect web portal to check out its location on a map. If your phone is anywhere outdoors, then you can find its location to within a few meters using the GPS device.
  5. Wipe your Phone Clean: If you’ve tried everything possible to recover your phone and have nearly given up, then all you have to do is wipe the device clean instead of letting someone else have access to your data. Using BlackBerry Protect, you can log on and perform a security wipe on the device, which will delete all your information.

By installing various security features like the BlackBerry Protect, you can keep your phone relatively safe. But what happens if you haven’t installed this feature and find that your phone has been stolen?

There are plenty of anti-theft devices available in the market today. Snuko is one such anti-theft device that can help prevent your BlackBerry from getting stolen. Snuko uses GPS or Wi-Fi and Cell Tower Triangulation to determine where your phone is located. This is so accurate that it can tell you where your phone is to within a few meters!

With Snuko, once you report that your phone has been stolen, it will automatically go into a lock down mode after your important data has been backed up. In this mode, your phone will be inaccessible to any thief. They will not be able to access your files on the phone or on the SIM card. What’s more, it will also keep updating the servers about the phones location and will keep recovering your data for you. If the thief tries to change the SIM card and use another one, you will instantly be notified about this along with the details of the SIM card number and new phone number.

With such security features like these, Snuko has become increasingly important to mobile phone users across the globe. So, if you really want to protect your BlackBerry, then Snuko is the way to go!

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Crimes Committed as a result of Lost or Stolen Laptops and Mobiles

With laptop and mobile thefts on the rise in countries across the globe, even the FBI and Navy are vulnerable to such attacks. But what happens to the data that is stolen from devices? What crimes can be committed?

Even such esteemed organizations like the FBI and the United States Navy cannot escape the threat of a stolen laptop or mobile device. In spite of taking all safety measures, laptops and mobile phones are small, easily portable and extremely lightweight, making them extremely easy targets for professional thieves or even amateurs who are on the lookout to make a quick buck.

Once stolen, the data stored in the device could either be carelessly deleted by the thief, or it could be sold to an adversary for a huge amount. Yes laptop and mobile phone thefts have become one of the major causes of security breach and identity theft. Theft of mobile devices can lead to breach of confidential and sensitive secrets. Privileged communications can be easily revealed by thieves who are eager to expose undisclosed information. Here, we will explore the dilemma that is faced by people when laptops or mobile phones are stolen for the data that is contained within them.

Firstly, anytime a laptop or mobiles device (especially if it is a high profile one) is stolen, the owner of the device is most likely going to have to face an identity theft concern. Even when disposing off your laptop, it is important to wipe the hard drive clean and erase files or reformat the hard drive or even overwrite the data.

Today, everybody depends on computers and Smartphone’s to get along with their daily lives. Most people are required to carry laptops to work, while many others require Smartphone’s to stay connected with friends, family and business clients. Unfortunately, this high dependence on technology has led to a higher crime rate, which in turn leads to greater consequences. Here are a few instances of how laptop or mobile theft can have a negative impact on its victims:

  • Theft at Academic Institutions: Crime stoppers across the world have been faced with an increasing number of laptop and mobile theft related cases at university and academic settings. Most cases of theft take place at school libraries, where students tend to leave their devices unattended while looking for books and other resources. Many students have had to face thefts in their dorm rooms, what with thieves making off with their precious phones and laptops during parties. The consequences of thefts at academic institutions are innumerable. Victims have reported losing almost all their data and research-related work that cannot be recovered ever.
  • Identity Theft: Identity theft is probably one of the direst consequences of laptop or Smartphone theft that can wreck havoc on your credit rating for many years to come. Unfortunately, the problem of identity theft cannot be limited to particular setting. It is a huge problem and is growing rapidly. Never leave your phone or laptop unattended in public areas, as this will make you more vulnerable to attacks. Also, refrain from conducting any private or financial business transaction on your phone or laptop in public areas, as fraudsters can read your vital information easily.
  • Smartphone Thefts: Another growing problem, Smartphone thefts have become highly problematic what with criminals literally snatching these devices away from the owner in subways and other mass transit settings. Criminals tend to target unsuspecting users who are not paying attention to their surrounding, as this makes it easier for them to grab a mobile and make a run for it in the crowd. Always be more attentive when travelling in a subway or metro.

This article however, cannot even begin to cover the whole gamut of crimes committed with the data received from laptop thieves. Apart from selling information to adversaries, thieves can also be exposed to your confidential information like your social security number, bank account details, address, etc. So, if you do not have a backup or if you have not taken the necessary precautions by implementing a safe and effective anti-theft device like Snuko, then you are going to be faced with 2 major problems – you won’t have access to your data, but the wrong person will have access to it!

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Laptop Anti-theft Software Increasingly Helpful to Law Enforcement

Snuko, Inc., an industry-leader in laptop and smartphone security and data recovery, specializes in helping victims of theft or loss to retain their personal files and information in the unfortunate event a thief steals their hardware. Snuko’s BlackBox technology imparts a variety of advanced technological features upon users, including GPS tracking, real-time data recovery, remote device lock-out and the ability to snap a photo of the thief with a laptop’s digital webcam.

This sort of anti-theft recovery software has been helping law enforcement solve laptop theft crimes much easier than ever before. Local law enforcement agencies across the nation have been using anti-theft technology to track home burglars having made off with the owner’s precious laptop or smartphone. Late last month, American hip-hop artist Lil’ Wayne was reunited with his laptop, as well as many other items stolen from his tour bus, when law enforcement was provided with the precise location of the hardware. Luckily, the laptop was equipped with GPS tracking technology, much like that employed by Snuko’s BlackBox product. The perpetrator was taken into custody within hours of his commission of the theft.

It is not uncommon for law enforcement to quickly recover a tracking device-enabled stolen laptop or smartphone much more quickly than would otherwise be possible. Anti-theft technology software enables law enforcement to begin investigation of the theft much sooner and with more efficiency than ever before. Those without anti-theft software are able to describe merely the perpetrator’s physical traits, the location of the theft and not much else. However, with anti-theft software enabled, police can bypass extensive questioning and locate the item remotely, thus expediting the process and reuniting victims with their stolen devices as quickly as possible.

Anti-theft software has been especially helpful in the schoolroom setting. Many students across the globe are fortunate to have laptops provided for their use while in the classroom. However, with easy access to expensive laptops comes an increased risk of theft. In one Canadian study, law enforcement placed public school institutions at the top of the list of places most likely to experience laptop theft. Luckily, many school districts are catching on to this alarming trend and are installing tracking software, much like Snuko’s BlackBox design, in an attempt to apprehend thieves within hours of the theft.

All in all, software designed to recover stolen laptops is invaluable to owners, whether the computers are used for personal use or in a large-scale school setting. Members of law enforcement charged with the job of relocating and hopefully recovering the items are especially grateful for the increased security. As only 3% of stolen laptops are ever recovered without the software, victims have a much higher chance of recovery if they have enabled tracking software. This bodes well for any laptop owner concerned about the safety and security of his device. With many laptops costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, laptop security software is an investment you cannot afford to forego.


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Stop Mobile Device Thefts in Public Schools – Use Snuko!

Mobile and Laptop thefts have become the most common crimes in schools today, owing to which anti-theft devices have also becoming increasingly popular amongst our youth.

Laptops and mobile phones are easy to use, convenient, portable and carry all of our confidential information in them. This is probably one of the main reasons why school kids love to carry their mobile phones around with them. And this is also why thieves always have a field day at public schools.

Reports have shown that laptop and mobile phone thefts are on the rise in public schools. Most investigators and officers will tell you that most of their time is taken up in investigating stolen mobile phones and laptops from locker rooms, while the kids in question were attending their classes or had simply left their bags behind.

Most mobile devices are stolen in public schools because students tend to leave them lying around carelessly. And although it is the students’ responsibility to keep their mobile phones and laptops safe in school, these crimes seem to be still on the rise.

Yes, with today’s ever growing advancements in technology, laptops and mobile phones (especially Smartphone’s) are being used more and more by students on a daily basis. From public schools to private schools and colleges, students can no longer do without their mobile devices. Since these devices are free available for kids, they are becoming more and more popular by the day. What’s more, teachers have also started using laptops as a means to continue with lectures and classes. Owing to the sheer numbers of laptops and cell phones being used in schools today, it is very clear that challenges will arise from these numbers. As far as the theft of mobile devices is concerned, there is no real anti-theft measure that can be taken. Or is there?

Today, there are plenty of anti-theft software’s and solutions that can help prevent thieves from doing away with your mobile device and tapping into your confidential information. One such great tool is Snuko!

Snuko is a security solution for computers’ and mobile phones that helps to prevent loss or theft of crucial data. Focusing entirely on providing innovative security solutions, Snuko has operations all over Europe and the United States and helps to protect users from the loss or theft of Internet enabled devices as well as data. It doesn’t matter whether you belong to a corporate enterprise or whether you are an individual mobile phone or laptop user or even a school kid, what matters is that Snuko’s main aim is to provide you with a sophisticated, effective and user-friendly anti-theft device for your laptop and cell phone.

Snuko has also recognized the problem that arises from so many laptops and mobile phones doing the rounds in schools. In case of a theft at school, many challenges can arise. This is why Snuko has taken avid interest in teaching students about the importance of taking anti-theft measures for their mobile phones and laptops.

In an attempt to further security, Snuko has also begun offering anti-theft solutions to public schools in Northern Europe, in an attempt to distribute this solution to educational institutes across the globe. So, students who find themselves in need of an easy-to-use, multi-functional and affordable security solution should definitely check out Snuko’s anti-theft software!

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Anti-Theft Solutions for Mobile Devices: How Reliable are they?

Anti-theft software’s that are installed in mobile devices act as your very own private detective, in the event of a theft or loss of the device. But just how reliable are they?

Laptops, iPads, Smartphone’s, e-book readers all have one thing in common – they are all lightweight as well as portable. This is one of the biggest reasons why they have become so popular in the past few years. And, this is also one of the biggest reasons why they are so easy to misplace or steal.

A computer security survey recently showed that nearly 42 percent of people reported that their laptops or portable devices had been lost to a thief or simply misplaced. Studies have also shown that nearly 12,000 laptops are lost in American airports every week. Only a third of these are reclaimed in the airport lost and found departments. Owing to these statistics, most victims of laptop or mobile device theft assume that they are simply gone for good.

No matter how hard you try to keep an eye on your device and not leave it unattended, there are still very high chances that it can go missing or get stolen. This is why it is best to protect your device with a software. There are many good anti-theft solutions available for laptops, phones and tablets today. Many of these will help you by locating the computer as soon as it is connected to the Internet. Others take snapshots, log keystrokes and monitor emails being written. Some even go to the extreme of slyly taking pictures of the unauthorized user with the device’s built-in webcam.

What’s more, many of these anti-theft devices can even lock down a stolen computer and display certain on-screen messages that will let the user (not necessarily the thief) know that computer has been stolen and should be returned to a certain address.

Most anti-theft manufacturers claim to have 90 percent recovery rates, but none of these manufacturers actually have any kind of documentation proving this. This leaves us with the question – How reliable are anti-theft devices?

Like any other product, there are plenty of anti-theft devices that are a sham. But on the other hand, there are many that are extremely reliable as well! Snuko’s anti-theft software is one such reliable solution for mobile devices. It offers security solutions for both computers as well as mobile phones. In the case of a theft or loss, this software will help the user retrieve the hardware as well as the valuable data that was stored on the device. Here are a few reasons why Snuko is so reliable:

  1. Snuko is different from most of its competitors because of its impeccable functionality and its reasonable price range.
  2. Many of the competitors also offer similar functionalities, but most of these focus mainly on the niche market. Snuko on the other hand offers full services for a price range that is adjusted to the mass market, thus allowing practically anyone with a mobile device to use this service.
  3. Snuko adapts to the ever-changing needs of the customers at a much faster pace than most competitors. New features and applications are churned out at a faster pace as well.
  4. Piracy of the software is virtually impossible as all the license keys are created by random algorithms.
  5. Above all, Snuko has had a higher proven rate of success than most of its competitors.

Yes, anti-theft devices like Snuko are here to stay. Every laptop, personal computer, Smartphone or ebook reader should have Snuko installed on to it for added security.

By now, most people are familiar with the world of smartphones and their applications. Smartphone users can download an application to their phone which can help them in nearly every aspect of their daily lives. There are applications for locating the nearest bank, grocery store or fitness center. There are applications for checking sports scores, current events and celebrity gossip. In today’s world, many people use smartphones for banking and various financial tasks. By storing such sensitive information into a smartphone, users are risking a severe likelihood of devastating and irreparable identity theft should their smartphone become lost or stolen. Smartphone applications, or “apps,” are showing no sign of slowing down either. The latest applications, described below, are even greater reasons why users should always be sure to protect their phones from loss and to install Snuko’s breakthrough smartphone security software.

– IRS Tax App: The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has unveiled a new tax application whereby users can track the status of their tax returns. Users of this application must enter sensitive tax information as well as their email addresses and can thereafter track the status of their income tax refund checks.

– Mobile Trading: All mobile platforms offer users the option to download an application whereby they can trade stocks directly from a smartphone. This type of application, while handy for the fiscally-minded individual, requires the entry of private financial information. Imagine the devastation resulting from a stolen smartphone whereby the thief trades, buys and sells upon the phone.

– Mobile Billing: Tech-savvy business owners are now able to conduct billing and send invoices directly through their smartphones. This convenient application also runs the risk of significant damage to clientele and business relations should the phone land in the wrong hands.

– PayPal Application: Users of PayPal are able to transfer money between accounts and issue payments to other PayPal users. This application, as with many others, requires the entry of sensitive account information that can be easily compromised by the theft of a smartphone.

In summation, with the expanding growth of financially-based smartphone applications, users should be especially careful to protect their property and to never leave their phones unattended or vulnerable. The above-listed applications, among many others, require information that an identity thief could use to wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting victim he stole from.

Unfortunately, reports of laptop theft and loss are increasing daily. With the elevated dependence upon the use of smartphones, netbooks, IPads and laptops within our daily lives, it stands to reason that crime associated with the use of such devices would begin to rise as well. Thieves and crooks are coming up with innovative and inventive ways to steal precious valuables from users. The average person is most likely carrying some sort of cellular phone or smartphone on their person at all times. This gives criminals wide opportunities to pickpocket, snatch or forcefully steal your belongings with little to no reaction time. Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect yourself and your belongings should you find yourself involved in a theft situation. Listed below are just a few of the recommended steps you should take before leaving the house with a smartphone or laptop.

1. Avoid Conspicuity: If a thief is unsure as to whether you are carrying a laptop or smartphone, he or she is less likely to target you. Many people house their laptops in decorative and distinct laptop bags or carrying cases. Many smartphones are emblazoned with sparkly jewels or carried within expensive cases. By choosing to keep your laptop in an inconspicuous, plain briefcase or bag, you quite possibly could thwart thieves from targeting you. Try not to draw attention to your expensive technology and the next time a thief passes you on the subway, he will likely keep walking.

2. Never Leave Items Unattended: This may seem self-evident, but leaving your items unattended invites theft quicker than you may realize. Even in the few seconds it takes to walk to the trashcan and back in a crowded airport, a crafty thief can make off with your property. Always keep your belongings close to your body and be sure to have constant awareness as to your surroundings. Your smartphone or laptop can disappear in an instant if you aren’t careful.

3. Keep Your Items Concealed: It is highly recommended that you do not leave your cellular phone strapped to your belt. Think of how easy it would be for a pickpocket or savvy thief to snatch your phone from you in a crowded street or subway without you even noticing. Gentlemen should be sure to keep their cellular phones in a jacket pocket so as to avoid theft or loss. Ladies should be sure their cellular phones are not within reach as well.

4. Be Prepared: One of the best arsenals against laptop theft is proactive preparedness. Always ensure your data is backed up in a safe place before leaving your home. If you store data on your smartphone, you are advised to back it up as well. Products like Snuko’s BlackBox Version 2 are designed to back up your data and files in real time. Therefore, if your laptop is stolen or lost, your data will all be easily recovered. In addition, Snuko’s software has enabled law enforcement to remotely track the whereabouts of your stolen items via GPS technology, as well as to remotely lock out the system from further use.

There are many tactics you can use to protect yourself against the growing number of laptop and smartphone thieves throughout the world. Keeping your items concealed and inconspicuously stored are great ways to avoid losing your items. In addition, protecting yourself in advance for theft or loss can ensure that even if you do find yourself the victim of theft, your data will be easily recovered.

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